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A Resource for people interested in asking Prem Rawat questions

Here you will find a growing list of questions to Prem Rawat. These are real questions submitted by real people. They range from the heartfelt and sincere to tongue in cheek questions. You can email your own question(s) here. The webmaster cannot guarantee that Prem Rawat will ever answer these questions, and reserves the right to exclude or edit questions on the grounds of taste, duplication, verbosity or readability.

The first category is a selection of short questions that readers may wish to ask Rawat personally at a public meeting.


  1. Top Ten questions to ask Rawat at public meetings.

  2. What sort of questions will you accept?

  3. In what sense are you a Master?

  4. In what sense are you a Leader?

  5. What next?

  6. How much trust do you expect from us aspirants?

  7. Can you tell us more about your family values?

  8. What do you really think of your followers?

  9. How are you dealing with the 'ex-premie' problem?

  10. Does your private life reflect your integrity as a Master?

  11. Do you practice Knowledge?

  12. Why do you want so much gratitude?

  13. Why are you sometimes such a scaremonger?

  14. What is it about the past that you find threatening?

  15. How much responsibility do you feel you have?

  16. Why do you need to drink so much if Knowledge is so great?

  17. Why do you smoke if the breath is so precious to you?

  18. You used to require much more commitment but you've changed your mind. Why?

  19. How lavish is your lifestyle?

  20. Do you like your followers to kiss your feet?

  21. Have you got anything to hide?

  22. What is your relationship with the organisations that promote you?

  23. Can you explain your understanding of 'Guru Lineage'?

  24. Do you see yourself as a Divine Authority?

  25. Aren't these Double Standards?

  26. What did you do when you were told that your instructor Jagdeo was a paedophile?

  27. Why is Knowledge a secret?

  28. Would you please answer these other questions too?

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