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On stage at Santyogashram
in the early 90s.

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When Maharaji speaks in the West today, whether it is for premies, aspirants, or the public, he is very careful to present "knowledge" in words that are acceptable to Western people. Materials such as videos and magazines that contain his talks are carefully edited before being released through Visions International (Elan Vital.) He doesn’t refer to concepts like the divinity of the Master, devotion, and surrender – instead these concepts are referred to vaguely as "gratitude" or "understanding". He doesn’t use the word "guru". The word "Master" is used loosely, and Maharaji is presented as just another human being that is a teacher of "knowledge".

Perhaps because of historical and cultural reasons, however, Maharaji has not changed the presentation of "knowledge" in India. His talks there are very similar to the talks he gave in the West during the 1970’s. He talks about devotion to the Perfect Master, the superiority of the Master, the necessity of putting the Master first, and the concept that the guru is a manifestation of a "supreme power". Some of his discourses are available though Indian magazines, and are reproduced here to show that Maharaji's teachings really have not changed since the 1970’s.

Grace and Gratitude : Maharaji, Shri Sant Yogashram, New Delhi - Vaishakhi Celebrations - 13th April, 1992 - (Public Program).

"As has been said…'A devotee does not worry about anything, except the experience of Knowledge.'...'When the perfect Master is there to take care of you, you have nothing to worry about. All the powers of prosperity and success are ready to serve you and you are free from all bondages.'..
This is such a world in which there is darkness everywhere. And that darkness devours a man. It runs after man to eat him up. And man loses his wits. He becomes heartless.... But if you have trust within you and really the Master is there - the Perfect Master - to take care of you, and if you actually have trust and faith in your heart then there is absolutely nothing to worry about."

Student, Disciple or Devotee ? Maharaji, Shri Sant Yogashram, New Delhi - Vaishakhi Celebrations - (Evening Session) 13th April, 1991.

"What has a student to become? A student has to become a receptacle. What has a devotee to become? A devotee also has to become a receptacle. And what has a disciple to become? A disciple too has to become a receptacle. Whatever you name him....
Have you seen worms? Have you seen ants? I can understand what it means to be born as an ant or worm in your next birth. That's why it has been said: 'it is with great good fortune we secure this human body. It is rarely attained even by gods, as scriptures say. It is actually the means to practice Knowledge and the gateway to salvation...'
...Now this ego. Though it appears to be of little consequence, but even if a devotee is conscious of the fact -"l know," it is akin to the devotee's crucifixion. If you are plagued with a little bit of arrogance that 'you know', you are gone. You are finished. You know nothing. Period. Again you have to turn to the Master and pray to him to give you prudence - "Maharaji, please give me wisdom. I even don't know that as a human being I should not be egoistic. This is the problem. As a human being, I don't know how to conduct myself as a devotee. This too please teach me. Please let me know."

The Radiance of Knowledge Maharaji, Shri Sant Yogashram, New Delhi - (Shri Hans Jayanti celebrations) - November 9, 1990.

"... And this has to be borne in mind by every one of us that if you want to have fulfillment in this life then you should begin with this Knowledge. You should be more particular about attaining the supreme happiness for your own self and not too much concerned about your family, about the welfare of your family.
…Just see, today this word 'guru' has become a ridiculous term, a sort of a joke and people do not know what is a 'guru'. When I fly a plane in India, I often listen to the radio in the cockpit. There are talks going on between various pilots in the vicinity. Somebody would address: "Well guru, how are you?" Because they do not know the true meaning and implications. They don't understand the glory of a guru and Master. Because they have forgotten altogether. They have made such pseudo-gurus who have put the whole system to disrepute.
For instance, in schools they don't know the correct meaning of a couplet like:
The radiance radiated from my beloved is of such an amazing hue...

They say, "Oh yes, because Kabir saw a sort of redness..." But what sort of redness was it? Such so-called gurus have marred the reputation of this institution. It has been ruined. Actually the guru is such a personality about whom it is said:

I bow down to the lotus feet of my Guru Maharaji who is the ocean of mercy and is actually Hari (God) himself in human form.
And whose words are like sunbeams to disperse the accumulated darkness of gross ignorance.

So Tulsidas says that he bows down to such a Guru Maharaji, the Master, who is really Hari (Supreme Power) in the form of man. So the main thing to understand here is that he bows down to the feet of that guru whose utterances, whose expressions are able to illuminate. And what is that which is illuminated by his words? It is the heart which is illuminated. His words are able to sever and dispel the spidery web of illusion, infatuation and ignorance. This I have seen myself and realized in my own heart. Yes, in my own heart!"