Elan Vital Is Divine Light Mission
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Here is a copy of official documents.

Those documents are the result of a corporate search done with the Secretary of State in California. 'Foreign Corporation' means that Divine Light Mission, which later had its name changed to Elan Vital, is 'foreign' to California. It is a Colorado corporation, so California designates it as 'foreign.' But DLM/EV has to report to the California Secretary of state if it does any business or has any operations in California.

Since the headquarters is in good old Malibu, they obviously have to report.

To make it easy to confirm that Elan Vital is nothing more than Divine Light Mission with a name change, anyone can look under the 'History' section and the transactions dated 2/20/86 on the bottom of page 2 and the top of page 3 of the corporate search document.

So, it's definitely a US corporation, incorporated in Colorado.

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