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" The Hans Family is the Light of the world and they are going to show the whole world the path of light. This is a family affair. Keep in touch with the family and you will really be a part of what is happening." Shri Mata Ji, Palam Airport, Delhi, 1971.

Divine Light

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Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev


Vol 1, No 1 Jagat Jnani Shri Mata Ji
Vol 1, No 2
Bal Bhagwan Ji
Vol 1, No 3
Bhole Ji
Vol 1, No 4
Raja Ji
Vol 2, No 1
Shri Maharaj Ji
Vol 2, No 2
Shri Sant Ji Maharaj

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Jagat Jnani Shri Mataji Volume 1, No 1

"My son is such a great power that He has come to save the whole universe. But who will believe me? From the age of seven Guru Maharaj Ji has openly proclaimed, "Come to me and I will give you peace. I have come in this universe to establish peace and tranquility for all time. Come to me. Recognize me by the Knowledge I give to you." So it is the duty of the intellectuals to search among all mankind for that person who can save the whole universe. And then when they find Him, they should follow Him. You must collect all the mothers of this universe, and see who is such a mother who can save the universe, and then you should follow that Mother. She is the Holy Mother, and He is the Holy Lord." (Shri Mataji, Mother of Guru Maharaj Ji, Montreal, May 16, 1972)

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Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji
Volume 1, No 2

"Bal Bhagwan Ji, like the other members of the Holy Family, is a fully realized soul. He is renowned for His concise scientific and logical explanations of difficult subjects."

"People think that the Divine Light Mission and Christianity are different. No, there is no difference. The Divine Light Mission is making Christianity universal." (Bal Bhagwan Ji, Denver, July 1972)

"Guru Maharaj Ji is not taking us away from our Lord Christ or the Bible; he is giving us a better understanding of the scriptures. To us he is hope in desperation, and light in the darkness. He is the Word turned to flesh which raises itself to speak about the glory of the Word. Who else can reveal the Word to us except that flesh which is the Word, or the Word which is turned into flesh?"(Bal Bhagwan Ji, in private)

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Shri Bhole Ji
Volume 1, No 3

"Guru Maharaj Ji has gone to Africa. There they have a problem between black and white people. Guru Maharaj Ji has gone to solve that problem... With this Name ." (Bhole Ji, Paris - June 19th, 1972)

"In the Gita, Lord Krishna gave this Knowledge to Arjuna; only he could know who Krishna was. The rest of them, they never knew. So only when we have knowledge do we know who Guru Maharaj Ji is. The rest of the people don't know, but if they have this Knowledge they will also understand who Guru Maharaj Ji is and how He has come to save mankind in this world." (Shri Bhole Ji)

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Shri Raja Ji
Volume 1, No 4

"We all have to be ready for sacrifice, you know, because sacrifice is real nice right now. When there will be peace in the world, then they come to Guru Maharaj Ji with a nice, Guru Maharaj Ji, I am ready to give any sacrifice. "Well, take your sacrifice, keep it in your pocket. We don't need a sacrifice right then when there is peace in the world. We need your sacrifice right now because now is the time to give sacrifice. Devote your lives to Guru Maharaj Ji and spread the Knowledge which he has given you,.."

"In Denver, Maharaj Ji is a big figure. And it's very easy for us to get into, 'Oh, he has all these cars,' and, 'Oh, he has all these material things,' and, 'Oh, he has all this,' and, 'Oh, he is all this.' But, you know, for him, a beautiful Rolls Royce is just a big chunk of metal. He doesn't care. For him it doesn't really matter.

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Shri Maharaj Ji
Volume 2, No 1

"Dedicate body, mind, speech, and all actions to the Satguru, which will then give rise to Bhakti, the devotional source of all happiness and peace." - "Prostrate yourself before the True, and serve Them with a guileless heart. When They are pleased, They will impart the Knowledge of the Truth to you." - "By meditating upon the very nails of the Feet of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, the divine eyes of the heart are opened and the darkness of ignorance is ended" - "There are countless blessings for Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, who turned me into God from a man in a second." - " Religion means to know one's Master." - "The people whose only aim is to enjoy sensual pleasures like a swine, consider salvation insignificant, and even risk their lives for the sake of attaining worldly pleasures." - "Although one may be a king, or whatever one is doing, all is meant for the belly. Like swine all are roaming here and there for pleasure and have forgotten God."

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Shri Sant Ji Maharaj
(Maharaji's Early Days' Satsangs)
Volume 2, No 2

" He who wants pleasure will give pain to others; he who wants profit will think of giving loss to someone else." - "A day is going to come when all of the religions created by men are going to finish and only one true religion will remain." - "I have got the same soul as Guru Maharaj Ji." - "I will unite all religions. I only need the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. " - "We will become such a multitude that we will fill every hall and every temple." - "When we start from a place, at first we should meditate upon God. Whatever a man does, he understands that if he does this thing, he will get the best result. It is a great mistake to think of the result." - "Take refuge in Guru Maharaj Ji. When you have this Knowledge, you will not need to know anything else."- "Just meditate. Because you don't have to do anything, really. Liberation is attained by itself."

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