Darshan: the most private ceremony
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Devotees prostrating at the feet of Guru Maharaji.
People with knowledge paying respect to their master.

Darshan in Toronto, Hans Jayanti, 1974. The premies arrive one by one (right on the picture), and prostrate at Maharaji's feet (center on the picture). An assistant (mahatma) helps them standing up (foreground center), and the premies leave (left on the picture) passing at Durga Ji's feet (seated right of Maharaji). Some privileged premies (foreground, left of the picture) watch the scene. Both Maharaji and Durga Ji are seated on a low stage.

Darshan, Guru Puja 1974, Copenhaguen.

Giving Holy Breath during the same darshan (in 'Elan Vital', Spring 1979, Volume III Issue 1 - page 11).

The Private Darshan Experience

Full Pranam ...

From 'The Guru Puja 74 Song Book'
Published in 1974 by Divine Light Mission Inc., Denver - Colorado.

The Double-Darshan Experience.

Printed in "The Divine Times", Vol 3 Issue 4, October 15, 1974
Published by Shri Hans Publications.

From Divine Light, 'Guru Puja Special', 1974.

Durga Ji doing pranam on stage, August 24, 1974, Los Angeles.

From "And It Is Divine", Vol 2 Issue 9, June 1975.