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Printed in Divine Light Magazine Vol.2 No6 - Page 5
Published by Divine Light Mission - March 1973

I love this quote: 'When you do something right, there will always be those who criticize you; when you do something wrong, there will be no one around to stop you.' - Maharaji, on his website, February 15, 1999 - 'Journey' section.

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Maharaji about Himself!

Guru, Master, God and Supreme Lord
Premies say Maharaji's simply a man. Here's Maharaji in his own words. Quotes from the 70s, 80s & 90s.
Alta Loma Terrace Satsang
After an hour and a half of questions, Maharaj Ji finally agreed to tell his audience about the Satguru.
The Christmas Satsang
"The only reason for this existence is to be a devotee...(and) follow Guru Maharaj Ji ... and not be involved in anything else...Jesus came as Guru Maharaj Ji for those devotees, revealed Knowledge to them..."
I didn't want to be Satguru
Shri Maharaji left his body, and Prempal heard his voice...
On His Power
"What if the Lord slams his door shut on us?"

Maharaji's Outrageous Proclamations to the World!

The Peace Bomb
Maharaji promises to spread the Knowledge of God to the entire world in his lifetime.
The DUO Proclamation & Satsang
Paramhans Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj eliminating the cause of ignorance and misery.
The 'Proclamation for 1975'
"I do not claim to be God, but do claim I can establish peace on this Earth ..."

Maharaji's Advice for his Devotees!

M's satsang by telephone May 8th 1978
"If there is a definition of sin - if there is one - then it definitely applies to the place of ever leaving that Love, of ever forgetting that Love, of Guru Maharaj Ji" ..... "And if we forget who we really are, if we let go of Guru Maharaj Ji and really forget who we really are in the true sense of the word, then that's almost like committing suicide, that's almost like dying".
Student, Disciple or a Devotee? Maharaji's Satsang, April 13, 1991
"What has a student to become? A student has to become a receptacle. What has a devotee to become? A devotee also has to become a receptacle. And what has a disciple to become? A disciple too has to become a receptacle. Whatever you name him ..."
Grace and Gratitude Maharaji's Satsang, April 13, 1992
"This world is called 'Maya'. Why is it called Maya ? Because whatever things are there in this world - I mean, nothing is real....This is such a world in which there is darkness everywhere. And that darkness devours a man. It runs after man to eat him up. And man loses his wits. He becomes heartless....But if you have trust within you and really the Master is there - the Perfect Master - to take care of you, and if you actually have trust and faith in your heart then there is absolutely nothing to worry about."
On Mind and Confusion
"The evil is the son of man that comes to mind, through mind, from mind."
The Rotten Vegetable Satsang
What happens to people who have received Knowledge and don't meditate? They get rotten inside.
On the Ashram
"For whom do you recommend ashram life? Everybody, of course. For human beings, not chimpanzees."
On the Ashram Service
Not even a leaf moves a millimetre without Maharaji's wish.
On Marriage
"Let's keep it that way - brother and sister. I mean, why does it have to become in any way physical?"
On Diet
"The way you eat, the way you become".... "Beings that suck water don't eat meat."
Who in this world wants us ?
"Nobody. Our father doesn't want us, our mother doesn't want us, our brothers don't want us, our uncles don't want us, our aunt doesn't want us, nobody wants us in this world. Except Guru Maharaj Ji."
Anything & Everything
"When you received this Knowledge, you dedicated your life to me. Right? If you are so fake and phony as to refuse your duty, as to regret your duty, then I don't think you are even a premie. - About His Grace. - How to Pray to Him." - Etc.

Maharaji about Materialism and Spirituality!

On Materialism
"In this world there is no peace, no harmony, no love. Why not? Because the whole world does not exist."
Mechanics of Liberation
One of his most famous question & answer session. When we die, what is it that goes to heaven or hell?
A New-born baby carries his actions within him
A man did some sins and he dies .....

Maharaji about Women

He mustn't favour women more
"He comes through a woman but takes a man's body. You see? He equalises!"

Prempal Rawat' Problems with His Family

There is Really One Source of Agya
About different agyas from different sources...


Premies & Ex-Followers Comment
Some well deserved cheer to our rigorous existence as a seeker of rational logic in this lifetime...

To be continued .....


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