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Have an Idea of what Premies are Involved in Nowadays.

In order to spread his 'message' around the planet, Maharaji is running a huge organization. An estimated 30% of the active premies are involved in the various levels of Elan Vital's systems.

Here is some documents that will give you an idea of what premies are involved in (beside meditation).

General Guidelines for City Contacts
Propagation Guidelines
The Knowledge Preparation Process
Premies' Trainings Seminars
Instructors' Work
Public Relation Guidelines
Participation, Progress and Practice - Financial Participation
Events where Maharaji is 'invited'
Heard on the Grapevine
Prem Rawat's Mysterious Teachings

General Guidelines for City Contacts

Introduction: Role of City contacts and guidelines.
Agreement between Premies' communities and EV/Visions.
EV and Local Associations reg local associations status.
Safety Guidelines at 'events'.
Sex Harassment Policy: pats on the back are not appreciated in the workplace.
Policy reg Children at Events: not welcome.
Video Libraries Guidelines : Premies are not renting videos. Borrowers merely 'contribute'.
Financial Standards for Instructor Travel in N-Am.
Guidelines for Responding at the Local Level to Individuals who Display Psycho-Emotional Distress & Inappropriate Behaviors.
Financial Guidelines for the local associations.

Propagation Guidelines

Advisory Note On Use Of Quotes (February 2003) : Command & Control, Divide & Rule

The Knowledge Preparation Process

Aspirants Guidelines: See how premies take care of aspirants.
Recommended Aspirant Videos: How Prem Rawat is introducing himself.
The Step by Step Aspirants' Seminars: Small fiction to illustrate the "aspirant process".

Premies' Trainings Seminars

Applying to be part of a training with the 'master'.
Applying to 'do service', and requirements to be allowed.
Invitation to training seminars with Prem Rawat.
The Insights® Seminars sold to premies by EV's officials.

Instructors' Work

The Instructors' Manual
Planning Instructors' Tours.

Public Relation Guidelines

"Definitive list" of event types and what they mean.
What is an Event for Learning More about Knowledge: EV's Guidelines.
Written Documents' Approval Procedure.
What should an event look like.
Sample Invitation to a Video Presentation introducing Maharaji and his message.
Scripts Read at Video Events You won't hear more than this from the MC.
Media Relations EV's guidelines for handling the press.
Learn How to Talk about Knowledge.
EV PR Team report on EPO and the Forum, and the damage this might do to M's work
Self-Knowledge is no more Back to the mystical Knowledge (February 2003) !!
Destroy the tapes after showing them Rawat's words not immortal anymore

Participation, Progress and Practice - Financial Participation

Jets' Acquisition Committee How disciples 'support Maharaji's work'.
Challenger Sponsorship Campaign How Maharaji switched from his old Lear 55 to his new Challenger 601
To Everyone Helping with the Land Project On Amaroo's purchase
Fund Raisings How 'private' fund raisings are organized by EV
Satellite Broadcast Invitation A totally unique event, admission charge £20 per person, additional donation requested (January 2000).
Participation, Progress and Practice with instructor Raja Ji (one of Maharaji's brothers), suggested donation of £5 (February-March 2000).
June 2000 Videos Broadcast Schedule 'Suggested' donation amount dropped to $ 15 / person.
Be a Sponsor - EV Sponsorship campaign (2001)
UK Web Team Report, March 2001 - Propagation, events, jargon update
EV's Propagation Report, February 2000 - How the hundreds become thousands
EV UK report and accounts of the Charity for 2001 - Where the money goes
EV UK Ltd. Annual Report for 2001 - More details on EV's financial activities

Events where Maharaji is 'invited'

SmartCard - Elan Vital's ID System.
World Events - Fall 2000. Excerpts of an EV mailing to the premies.
Report on US event(s) - July 2000.
North American Events - April, May, June 2000. Excerpts of an EV mailing to the premies.
Debriefing Report - on Amaroo Day - Miami 2000
Amaroo 2001 - April 2001. Presentation & registration documents (Needs Acrobat® Reader installed on your computer)
For the sake of "events' integrity" - Apply for Smart Cards

Heard on the Grapevine

November 2000
July 2000
June 2000
March 2000
February 2000

Prem Rawat's Mysterious Teachings

The Amaroo Participation Meeting
Unedited transcripts of Maharaji's comments during his 'trainings':
Miami Training June 28th 1999 - Day 1: "Don't piss me off. You won't like it."
Miami Training June 29th 1999 - Day 2: "No Dark Thoughts"
Miami Training June 30th 1999 - Day 3: "You have a leader: M is your Leader !"
Miami Training July 1st 1999 - Day 4: "On the Malibu staff, I have everyone's resignation."
Miami Training July 2nd 1999 - Day 5: "Ex-premie site - people tell me we should do something."


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