Prem Rawat's comments - Training, 28th July 1999

This is the original transcript of Maharaji's comments on the sixth day of a training session that took place in Arundel, England, in 1999. The transcript was written by Chuck Nathan, and the only edits that have been done are the replacement of attendees' names with initials, and obvious spelling corrections.



Good morning.

You haven't spoken anything have you?

Timewise it's pretty much finished. We'll do a couple of exercises today. And hopefully create the Lifelong Rules.

It's time to make everything very real. You have to remember when you go out of here, it's not going to be easy to implement everything that we learnt. One issue that was brought up to my attention is leadership. You've got to stay away from that leadership role. That's just allowing other people to abdicate responsibility.

It's very easy to become a leader, especially if you have passion for what's being done. If things aren't coming together, you become a leader, you do this, you do that. But that's exactly what we have to change. If we don't change that, we'll keep falling in the same pitfalls. You may think it helps me when you become a leader, but it's really a disservice.

Swiss air crash. We don't have time to fix that electrical problem. So let's just put a fire extinguisher in the cockpit. And that's that. Becoming a leader is becoming unconscious. Somebody becomes a leader. It comes out of passion. I'm sure S was saying inside. Let me facilitate this. It's not happening. Mistake number one.

So you get up there, no reflection on you S. Because every group has one. It comes from a passion, a want to continue, not go around in circles. The intent is really good. But what needs to be fixed is exactly the thing that allows leaders to be born. Once there's a leader, then everyone else can go unconscious and stop following the rules.

It's like two males trying to copulate and have a baby. It won't work. It's possible for a male to get pregnant, but a female would have to provide the egg. Female has to get involved somehow. Those are the dynamics, weird, aren't they? There are people here who want to become leaders, have leadership qualities. And probably would make great leaders. But what we're trying to accomplish goes far beyond any one person. This has to continue. Far beyond me, far beyond anybody. The system has to be there for the first time that works.

When it's based on the team, it will work. When it's based on leaders, when the leader goes, it collapses. Big problem. When teamwork is in place, it's not an issue. When a leader is in place, you have issues. There is a leader, that's the Master. That Master should be able to come down and say the stage should be on the left side, not the right side. Or I don't want to do events in the Barcelona hall. Or I want to go around the world and do K sessions. OK, that's what's happening.

And that's how it should be. Rather than, you really ought not to do that. You can't do that. We don't that facility, we don't that this. You've go to stop that. It's been going on too long. Chaos. There's no mistake that's time sensitive. Wine will go bad. Mistakes don't. Tomatoes will go bad. Not mistakes. No mistake is time sensitive. Our bodies are time sensitive. Mistakes can repeat themselves 200 years later the same exact same way. The mistakes, when pilots used to fly mail runs. In the beginning of aviation, that was what aviation was being used for. They had small airplanes and they would fly mail runs. They didn't have maps. Maps hadn't been developed yet. But they would follow the railroads going to the different destinations. They'd get into IFR, cloudy weather and crash. Now US has been charted many times over. There are digital maps. You can see where you are and where you're coming from. And where the airports, highways, railways, are. You can fly along and watch your progress on the map. Even restricted strips like airports are shown. But those IFR related crashes still happen. Same mistake that the mail run planes used to make. Mistakes have no time limit on them.

IFR means Instrument flying rules - can't see outside the airplane.

So those things happen. Remember that flight that took off and they were flying across the Andes in a propeller airplane and they crashed. There was a famous book and movie about it. They ended up eating each other. The same exact type of crash happened with a DC10. Mistakes are mistakes.

Same thing, it went right into a mountain. Couldn't see it. That's flight that goes out of NZ and circles the S pole. It's a tourist flight. That mistake was so incredible. They had loaded, Air NZ had loaded the flight plan wrong. Left turn instead of right turn. Captain knew that route but still he turned the wrong way. They opened up the investigation. But then they opened the investigation again and the judge found out how it happened. A bunch of people got fired. It really was a cover up. Pilot couldn't see. There were clouds.

So now more comments, questions. How are you all feeling? How are you faring with these rules?

A lot of people have personalities and they get into team environment and these personalities really come out. For a team to work properly, those personalities need to be put to the side. You've got to stand at the edge, possible edge that you can. You cannot afford even 1/4 inch. A lot of people get into experimenting. I'll stand like this. That's a very unsteady way. They think they are doing something good when they take a risk. But if someone comes and pushes you, boom... you're gone. Every part has to work.

It's like a clock with all the gears. Little gear here, little gear there. If the second hand is going faster, that's not the point. What good would it be for a watch to be really precise on seconds but not precise on minutes? So everything has to work.

Apply that and the learning should not stop. This training is just a launch. It's a different way of thinking, behaving, perceiving. What you should perceive hasn't been given to you. This is very much a seed that has been placed. Now you have to let it germinate. Training should be evolutionary not revolutionary. I've been to revolutionary training. 4 weeks of flight training. The instructor goes on and on and on. The student has to sit there because it's a required FAA course.

But this is not that kind of a training. Something evolves. Who's Georgy. You have a ghost in a closet. And you've made an attempt. We all have ghosts. If we have an accident in a car, that doesn't mean we stop driving. Our ghosts are not all the same. But nonetheless, they are all ghosts, because they impede our progress. So what we really have to do is try, that's what being a lover is all about, you get to move on to newer, more exciting things. Those are the people that take advantage of this life. People who allow themselves to go ahead and evolve.

So many people who go to prison, they come out and go right back. They have so much hate, anger and instead of evolving that want to express that hate and anger We all have ghosts. We can't just leave it there. We have to go on. We don't have to slaughter the ghosts. That's very difficult. But to go on, to move on. That's very difficult.

The help can be a very dangerous thing. Because some people get into it. Somebody is crying. Maybe they are just exercising something, letting go of something. Next thing you know, here comes the tissues. It's OK. What the fuck do you mean? I shouldn't let go of this? It's OK, it's OK. It sounds really good to say let us remind each other of the rules. But how far are you going to take that? Because so far, everytime someone says Remember the rules, it really bothers me. Because it's not coming from a specific place. Don't do that. That's breaking the rules. That's specific. Like a back seat driver in a car. Don't do this. Don't do that. It's very easy to become a back seat driver. Don't do that.

Yes the help should be there. But the help should be asked for. If Somebody is having a difficult time, on the edge of burning out, please don't ignore that. Because the whole team is going to be accountable for that. You've got to be honest. Hey, I'm not getting enough sleep. And it happens. The teams stays quiet. The leader will take care of it. Because the leaders are imbedded. The leaders are subtly there. Knowing we can't have leaders. It's this strange compromise.

The neighbors dog comes and shits on your lawn. But the dog is too big and the neighbor is hard to tackle. So it's easier to just go to pick up the shit. So compromise. That's the same thing the Amaroo team did. Let there be a leader. And this guy is getting fried. I need help, rest. And people are saying the leader will take care of it. And this guy ended up getting burnt out. Can't have that.

Got to be very honest. When so many proposals come. They were not well thought out. And that needs to be expressed. I haven't thought this all the way thru yet. But this part, I see this will work. And half of the solution can come from one person and the other half from another person. Because he could feel really good about it. But remember what the team had already done. Rejected his idea. So when a team accepts an idea, it's like the whole team coming up with the idea. Did they buy you drinks yesterday?

One for you, one for me. One for you, two for me. One for you, three for me. Let's share 50 50 . OK. Bugs Bunny.

(V announces continuation of the Mission Possible/Bucket exercise.)

People you really have to ask why. He disagreed. He's half way to Barcelona. Ask him why he disagrees. It's not a problem, is it? He can easily be told this is not about the whole thing. So instead of thinking he's really stupid, offer his some help. Ask him why and then offer him some help.

(To V: ) You have to remember the distinction between a wife and girlfriend. Once she becomes your wife, she's no longer your friend. There are a lot of ceremonies that happen: Circumcision, death, marriage. Those are the most popular ones.

So then withdraw your objection. So there's a proposal of ten minutes. Has it been passed?

So what you're telling me is next time you screw up my meal on the airplane, you're history. I'll be happy to do that, no problem. What do you mean, you're not sure? This is the final day of the training and you're not sure? Do you think it's a dark thought? Why's are very powerful.

We still have a ten minute proposal. What are you going to do? Oh, that was smelly. Hey P, would you please make sure we have better ventilation. It gets smelly in here.

Are you going to show your maleness off? And B comes and (said to W)

So now there's 3, 4 groups here? One group left, right? Rodney Dangerfield. That's a good name for him. Sometimes people don't have matching name. Some people are named John and are named John. Like R, he doesn't look like a R. Much easier to cal him Captain Pickard. He looks a little like Captain Pickard. Talks just like Captain Pickard. Number two, make it so.

Today is the last day of the conference. The second one starts in a few days.

It's been a long long long evolution First it was the instructor training. Then there was a real need because the people who were there, pretty much leaders, just wasn't cutting the mustard. However big their vision was, that's what was happening. Then they left slowly as things evolved. Broader vision was needed. A lot of cleaning up done in the 80's really boosted propagaton. Then the same thing started happening. Leaders evolved and the same thing happened. Things were limited by their vision. When you get a bigger family, you have to get a bigger car. And then when you get a bigger family, you need to get an even bigger car.

So instead of dealing with this with leaders, we have to do it with teams. There were a lot of people who were there in the background that were really carrying the load. Now it feels a lot better. A lot more people get involved. I don't get to be in contact with a lot of people. This is a wonderful way. Because when I go to event, I come out of the curtain, and an hour later I'm gone.

Teams are at an embryo stage. I don't see them functionioning yet. Once these teams really start to come together, to get their academic. Hopefully G being a computer genius that he is. But hopefully he can not only do that so people need training in computer, pitfalls in interest net, security, Compuserve vs. First Class vs..

To J - N sent me an email. All the drawings and stuff. He sent them to me in the wrong format. The ones you sent I got those. I spent half an hour trying to open it. People Dos Washer, Mac Link Plus. Convert theme into a DOS document. The headers are what's missing in a lot of PC fields. Mac Link Plus has to look for the header. So I was going to stay quiet and not do anything. Because he knows how to send them.

There's not very good logic that has been put into the parking lot. Separate the buses from the cars. Take care of that traffic jam problem. I want to separate service traffic from people traffic.

There's a lot of Indians who used to work with the railways, engineers, mechanics. We don't want a noisy one, we want a quiet one. Not electric. Diesel. Not a train diesel engine. Most trains the engine they use is the MDU 98. They put four or five of these diesel engines. They generate the electriciy. Then the train uses the electricty. A lot of the cruise liner ships run that way too. Deisel engienes create electricity and then the eletricity drives the propellors. That way one engine shuts down, not a problem. Four diesel engines. Doesn't matter which one shuts down.

They only a single screw, big propellor. They can't afford to have just one engine. That's how their achieve their redundency. Kind of a strange system to use diesel to generate electricity.

I was all set to go to so Africa. I wanted to go. But the top team there, really screwed up royally. Any water, tea, capaccino? Irish whiskey?

Mahatma Ji, tell them jokes.

(Mission Possible/Bucket exercise)

When you said "Hold it" to the blind people, all they could do was pull back on the rope. They had no way on knowing you meant for them to stop.

You never clarified what you were going to do with the blindfolded people. You never clarified it. They were strategizing among themselves but they never shared their strategy.

What did you think of that exercise? A lot comes out.

Leadership comes out. Lack of planning - we've got the bucket on there but what are we gong to do now? Making comments at the wrong time, right R?

This is the most interesting one so we'll show this one first. Too interesting. So they get it. "Hold it." Do you get that one? So interesting. They're blindfolded. They're not seeing what you're seeing. They've got this incredible amount of tension in the rope. Someone says "hold it" and that's what they're going to do. And that's what screws you guys up.

The strategists are supposed to tell them that it's gone. There was clear set of instructions. Those clear set of instructions were not even being followed. Wasn't the strategist supposed to tell you what to do next, what to do next. But the guys helping the blind people took over. They stopped listening to the strategists.

The fact that the blindfolded people were sitting here for the longest period of time, yet they were the only ones who could actually touch the equipment.

What would you do differently in retrospect?

So who are the blind people in real life? People doing service, right? Ushers that guide people. And how clearly are the instructions explained to them? Global perspective. What we are trying to achieve. What specifically is requested of them. Instead of you are doing ushering. Go stand over there and tell people where their seats are.

At Amaroo, God is was good [??]. People started coming into the amphitheatre. One person decided that it was a disaster and tried to fix it. And started doing amazing things.

Why do we have those cycles? Why do we have this? Wouldn't you want to know as much from those people who could tell you the most? How many times when info comes down about an event, how many times do you ask what type of event was it, what was bad last time, what could be improved this time?

Well those rehersals started happening because teams were being made. But still do you think the info that goes out is sufficient?

Yeah because you're a PWK. You're not supposed to question those things. You're not supposed to ask who said this.

After the exercise was over you were still sitting there blindfolded quite a while, while everyone else was farting over. Uncomfortable to sit on that mat. You were tired. The executive committee hasn't gotten over and seen that it's over and hasn't decided to tell them right away that we'll take these blindfolds off so they can be comfortable. The least you could do is figure out how to take care of these people?

How long do debriefs last? How many of you like these forever debriefs? I know C does debriefs. He's kind of a leader. Who is this demon that makes these debriefs go on forever? It's not the people doing the debriefing. It's not you. Who is this ghost who makes this debrief go on forever? I already told you what my debriefing in the cockpit is, right? See you later. Unless something is needed. Sometimes something is not working right. So we'll debrief that.

What is the purpose of a debrief? When you have a professsonlal doing their job, you expect a certain level of performance. When that performance level has been provided, that's nothing new. That's nothing to get excited over. One word is sufficient. That was good. Good job. And these things were wrong. Everyone has to know what they're doing. If you have a bunch of people who don't know what they're doing, then you'll like have to compensate for stupidity.

Now we're going to something very interesting. We're going to make lifelong rules.

P, we need a video switcher that puts together that, this, that. This thing seems to be useless.

There is a written test. I forgot to tell you. It's not a long test. Only 100 questions. Some essays, some multiple choice, some fill in the blanks. One of the things is you need to know the order of these rules.

I think they have served a wonderful purpose. They are not to be thrown away, I think. So now let's make some lifelong rules. Now let's make some lifelong rules.

Let's consolidate all this. So we can remember them like this. So we can wake up in the morning and not go, what the hell was that?

OK, so any suggestions. Basically one-worders. Put them up. Whatever you want.
That's not the final one. Final one will go up on here.

Amateurs get things done in a very good way too. One dictionary definition is that professionals get paid for it.

P and K need to explain to the team, accountability, right? They killed the proposal. Please explain yourselves, what you did?

(To K) Why? Why? You are exhibiting the quality that is quite contrary to what you are proposing. Why? You know. Here they are again, 10 second rule, respect, conscious, no brain farts, honesty. On the last day? Is that being honest on the last day?


How tolerant should we be today? So what should we do? That's all? Is that sufficient for you, just ask for an explanaton. In Texas they have a contest among the cops, who has the best story for speeding. The award went to this guy who said he was too fat and it really bothered him getting a ticket, so he drove fast to burn his calories. Is that all you need.? (Consequences) What? (Tickets) Is that a brain fart? Would you like to ask him why he had a brain fart? Why? There's the rule, conscious. How can we go on to life long rules, when we 're not even there?

OK, people, let's move. We need to hold people accountable. How are we going to do that?

(Someone suggests the violater come up with the consequence) He'd like a blow job.

For which problem? If you were at work and he burnt down your bus, you'd give him 3 warnings and kick them out then? So not following the rules, how serious is that? How serious? So if he shot you in one leg, you wouldn't kick him out. You'd give him 3 warnings. Another leg? Another arm?

I think there is something very serious happening here. Wee're about to go on to lifelong rules. There's only one exercise left to go. We've got very little time to do this in. Then that's it. I'm out of here.

What are we going to do about this? (Someone says fire anyone who breaks the rules) You agree? Disagree?

We're almost finished with this. It's like let's get this over with. If you are sleepy and you are driving home, at what point while driving can you go to sleep? You mean you have to wait until you get home to go to sleep? You can pull over and go to sleep? But while driving you can't go to sleep. So you can't get into this thing, the conference is almost over, it's not fire anyone

What is excellence all about? When you see these guys running, running, running. Do they just all of a sudden say I'm going to win because of luck so I can just stop? Wouldn't you want to impress me? Has anything you've done really impressed me? Now that this is the last day, wouldn't you want to impress me. This is the last kiss of the day. Don't you want to leave me with some good impression. So I don't walk away from here thinking I'm not to trust these SOBS ever?

I want you to go speeding on M25 and try that on a cop. Officer, I'll write you an essay. I want you to enter 10 Downing street and get arrested and tell them I'll wrire an essay.

How can we fire him? He's a volunteer. We can't hit him, fine him, take away his glasses. We're certainly not going to give him a blow job. We're not going to make him shine shoes for us. Wer'e not going to cane whip him, send him to Timbucktoo. How can we punish him? How do you punish a volunteer?

That's not punishment. That's saying thank you very much.

To you as a person does it mean anything to be part of this team? Or any team you might end up in? Now we have come to a point where we don't have any consequences, so all these things are happening.

What good is accountability is there's not going to be any consequences.

(Someone proposes that if someone makes a mistake, the team agrees that the person will turn in their resignation) What if somebody doesn't resign? What if they don't resign?

Two more? How many rules can you break on this list without breaking another one? So when you say two, you mean more than two. Breaking many rules two times, right? Because you can't break one rule and not break the others. So what you're saying is break many rules two times.

May I ask you a question? Captain Pickard. You didn't say yes. Let's say this is sea level. And there is a rail like this. And it's one inch high. Then this level here is 1000 feet. This is 100,000 feet. OK? You're trying to walk this rail. It's only one inches high. You slip. And problems? Same rail 1000 feet high. And you slip. Any problems? And the same 100,000 feet high. Any problem? I would say after a few hundered feet it doesn't matter. What I'm trying to ask here, is where do you think being in the team is, relative to this chart? I'm going to start drawing up and you tell me where to stop. M draws a vertical line and team says to go past 1000,000 to very top. So if it's being here, being on the team, how many mistakes can you afford?

This is a very serious issue. We're setting up accountability. And we're setting up a consequence. Who are we doing this for? We forget. We're thinking for ourselves. We forget what we are accepting. What has M brought us in our lives?

Excellence? Be conscious? Live this life to the fullest? So what do we want to offer this person? What has K brought in our lives? Joy, consiousness. What do we want to offer K?

And we're setting levels down here. Are there people who cannot afford to make mistakes? And they know that? And they accept that? And they go on with it? So when are you as a human being going to accept the challenge of not making mistakes. The world told you don't worry about being miserable. It's part of life. And M told you, that's not true. World told you you will always make mistakes. M told you, you don't have to. Which do you want?

Why are we having a dark thought that I'll always make mistakes. Why should we? I have a team. If I'm not clear on something, all I have to do is say I'm not clear. I'm tired. I can't function. Is that so considered a mistake. I'm having violent bowel movements. Is that considered a mistake? That's not considered a mistake. What world considers a mistake, here is not considered a mistake. To say "I don't know." Is not a mistake here. There's no reason to go into dark thought and say I'll make a mistake.

Hey I don't know how to type. And guess what. I'm not about to learn either. I am one of those people, I work very logically. Spelling is a real problem for me. Is that a problem? I have a spell checker. I have a secretary. I love flying but I don't have time to fuel the plane. I've got a mechanic.

The things that you think, "I'm going to make a mistake." But being a human being, being honest, being clear, there's no reason you would make a mistake. That's what's being offered here. But when you pretend to be clear. One foot in M's world and one foot in the world. You're going to end up with split pants.

So far I'm concerned it's pretty straightforward. Whether we want to take or accept that challenge or not.

So we should finish this. We're about to make a new set of rules. Finish this. Accountability? And consequences? Accontability? Yes? What?

He just said "and" so continue.

Instead of end of conference for everybody, it would be end of conference for that person. What happens at the end of the conference.

(S gets up and almost speaks but then stops himself) See that's not a mistake. Rules just saved his ass. From becoming very much like grass.

We still have J's proposal. That hasn't been dealt with. G's propsoal that hasn't been dealt with. R's proposal which turned out to be J's proposal.

So what's the consequence. The conference will be over. But we need to have a consequence that will go on.

We need to decide what the consequence is going to be so we can move onto these lifelong rules.

J has already made that proposal.

Here's a guy. We can't let this go on. Here's a guy who's convinced we're going to fuck up. He's absolutely convinced we're going to fuck up. If you were going to climb a 2000 foot mountain, would you like him on board? I would never take you on that team? You're saying the team is going to fuck Up? Why?

If we're convinced the team is going to fuck up , then we'll set up systems to allow for that. Like G's proposal of TWO rules and you're out. So we are sending a message, it's OK to fuck up.

If you go to a BA crew and ask them if they're going to crash today? And they'll say no. You could say what a cocky crew. But do they mean that?

There are pilots, and they're going to go into enemy territory. They expect to come home. They really do. One of the things they say is "Keep that beer cold." Talk to you in 20 minutes. Is that crazy?

What? What are you going to tell me?

I'm saying there have to be consequences. I don't expect anybody to invade my house. But I've got a fence And I don't expect anybody to walk into my bedroom uninvited. But I lock the door.

And therefore, if you're not going to fuck up. The idea of firing that person should be very comfortable. There should be no hesitation. Not an issue. Race car drivers don't bring their coffins to the racetrack, do they?

So, what are you going to do? What's the unclarity?

And? What's the difficulty? And? What J's proposal is, there's no conflict with it. You don't have a fence around your garden? Having a consequence that you will get fired is the most beautiful precaution. Because it's there, it's very ultimate. It's very clean.

And it will never be visited. Right? So what's the difficulty? Because we're not going to fuck up, right? We don't have to, do we?

That's the only settlement I can make when I look at these rules. I need to be conscious. Because I know the consequences will not be to me but to M.

How many of you know that the steering wheel is important? Should the steering wheel ever be placed so that it's loose? But in Mercedes, there's a flaw placed so that it moves because otherwise it can come and kill the driver.

They put a weak point in the steering system. What looks very unsafe can save the driver.
How many of you realize your fuck up is going to affect M. So you've got to put a weak point where it won't go anymore. Once that steering wheel is gone, it's gone , you can't fix it. That's what we're trying to do.

Better finish this up quickly. We've got to get out of here?

(Someone proposed people fired if they break the rules)

(No objections)

When does this rule go into affect. It's really an understanding. It's gone into affect? You'd better be careful. Even having a dark thought.

Now we have this rule in place, you better be careful.

Let's take a 15-minute break.


OK. So we need to finish up the lifelong rules. We have one that never got on there that started the whole thing.

I asked T's question. Because I'm sitting next to a very intelligent, genius person. T said "what the fuck difference does it make." T has spoken.

Are you being dishonest about honesty? So do you have respect, excellence, honesty up there? Do your writing, boy.

May I just remind you, we're not going to throw out thee rules, right? These rules have helped us. It made the conference happen. You realize, you actually have acquired a way of saying things very quickly. Which you didn't have the first day. This includes people who don't know English. So we're not going to throw these out. We're going to keep these somewhere in the back of our minds. These are still true. But we don't need to replicate these over there.

You're going down the warpath. Now you're going to break the rules.

I was not the one tricking you. They were. What you said was very easy to understand.

How many have you got? Do you really want all these rules? God forbid I ask you what all these rules are.

I must say, regardless of the content of what you are saying, presenting what you said it's a far cry from when you started. Now you can think about what's said. It's not taxing. It's there. So that was good. (Said to I)

All right, all right. Let me put it this way. You have checklists, you have seat belts. Why do we do these things on the airplane? Safety. Safety actually covers, embodies so many elements. Even though there's no sign saying be careful going down the steps, you will if you understand safety.

It's a safety issue. It wouldn't be good. Safety embodies something.

What does M mean? Is M the name of a person? This is not a trick. Who inspires you to be conscious? Who says that we should respect each other? Who inspires the excellence? Who are we going to be accountable to ultimitely? So seems like, M embodies a lot in it. To practice K, to be conscious.

M is not the name of a person. M is a title, a respect, a recognition of these qualities, of these elements. That's what M means. This is something that the PWKs call that person who embodies these qualities. It's not the name of a person but the recogniton of these things. You understand? It covers A to Z. All the rules you couldn't think of. It covers it.

It's like in many places safety first. By saying that, they don't have to always don't cut your finger, this, that. Safety first. And that's I think what you are driving at.

So what do you want? Who tells you not to have dark thoughts? Who gave you all these rules?

Just M, that's all you need. M.

Any other objections? Going through then? OK. One of you can write that on this.

That's it. We are done?

OK, so now we're going to go to lunch and we'll have our last and final exercise. Maybe not the last, but the final. They'll come up with something for your refresher. Very very simple to stay with the rules. I cannot overemphasize. Because now there's a fence.

The amazing thing is that 99% of the people feel more safe with a fence Children like to have consequences. Children feel safer. When there are no consequences, they don't like it. They feel much safer having consequences. So there are consequences.

So the fact that you have a fence doesn't mean you go pushing it around to see how good it is. You leave it be, make sure it is strong.

When you come back, this is one of those exercises that can bite you. Exercise is very conducive to having leaders, followers, brain farts. In a away this exercise brings this training to a complete circle. Because it starts with the bus analogy and kind of ends with the bus analogy. So don't become leaders. Don't become followers. Don't become individual. Stay as a team. As a team you can do this. But if you are not a team, you won't be able to pull this one off.

OK? Happy lunch. Bon apetit. We'll call it 1:30, be back at 2:30pm



You don't need pads, pens, underwear. All you need is a roll of toilet paper.

(V announces Trolley exercise.)

Is there acid?

B you want to do this? That will take one person out. It will make it easier to divide up in groups.

What are we doing here? You're going to get fired.

What if she's in the middle of a massive heart attack. She's emphatically said she doesn't feel well. So that's H's department now. He can examine her and tell her to rest in her room.

(In Marquee to one of breakout groups)

If someone in your group has a brain fart, you have to hold them accountable. You have to ask why.

(One of the facilitators pointed out that in picking up a plank that someone touched one of the ropes from a third plank and asked if this was a violation)

It's a violation to touch the other planks, not the ropes. You're going to get the back seat in the plane next time. The seat that doesn't recline.

Are the planks facing the right way?

Do you want to watch or impede (said to the main group as they watched one group doing a test run and didn't get out of the way).

Anybody keeping tabs on time? On a graduation exercise? You don't get an extension on a graduation exercise, do you?

When did the solution come up? Within 10-15 minutes? If people brain fart, you've got to hold them accountable. Isn't that what we agreed on? I guess we're going to have to leave it in the hands of the wise ones. The three wise ones.

I think we need to go back, or what do you want to do? You can take a couple of steps and try it.

There is a risk involved in everything. You don't stop doing things because there is a risk.
Don't have dark thoughts.

Once you divided into groups, you abdicated responsibility for the team.

Once you figured it out there, you could have sent someone which you did, but why did it take so long to get the demonstration underway? The fact that you didn't started the demonstration until now shows to the other groups. Your indecision really sunk the boat. Your indecision to act, to start the demonstration.

Let's go talk about it. But I don't know what there is to talk about.

OK. So, interesting. There's not a whole lot to say. I think you understand. I don't know if R understands what we were talking about back in the tent. The solution had already come within 7 minutes in one group, less than that in another group. That would have left you close to 30 minutes. That would have left you 10 minutes to rehearse. You could have easily done it.

I still think there was a lot of accountability that was not being taken care of. People are having brain farts but people were not addressing that.

When you break up in little groups, you abdicate. You are all going to be working in small groups.

Anything else you want to add, subtract, T?

Well I don't think the rules anywhere say too respectful. But that's just a brain fart. Then K grabs S. Did she grab you, when you were stepping into? How did that feel? What about methodology? (could have been a bit lighter touch) Absolutely. With respect. Did you hold her accountable?

Well, you know and I know we can only go so far with it and I think we've done that. Whether or not you decide you want to have that and accept it, it's up to you. I think I've done my bit as much as I can do. If I was here another week, it would be just a repeat. You have K.

You've really got watch out for those brain farts. For that unconsciousness. It's no joke that we get hit by rules that we have a hard time with. Of all the things that could have been selected as rules, you get hit by these rules. But we can't keep to. That should tell you something. It's not just an accident that these rules appeared that way. They address a very common problem. Don't they?

They are simple. I'm sure we could have had a rule like get dressed every day. But we didn't get that rule. We got these rules that really think twice. Every one of them.

Well, I hope you enjoyed yourselves. There are still things to discuss. I don't have much more than that. So far that exercise is concerned , you ran out of time. The point of any exercise is not whether you complete it or not, it's whether you follow the rules.

If you had followed the rules, think as a team, take care of the team, you would have had it licked. Can anybody not see that? That if you had acted as a team, you would have had it licked? You would have had time to spare.

I'm not gong to waste our time. I hope I'll see you around soon.

(V announces Strengths/Weaknesses/Area of Interest Form)

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