Prem Rawat's comments - Training, 27th July 1999

This is the original transcript of Maharaji's comments on the fifth day of a training session that took place in Arundel, England, in 1999. The transcript was written by Chuck Nathan, and the only edits that have been done are the replacement of attendees' names with initials, and obvious spelling corrections.



You ready for today? You just have to stay with it. Today's going to be a difficult day. It doesn't have to be. It's up to you. There are a lot of exercises that you forfeited. We've got all this goody bag that you forfeited.

What is the purpose of any exercise? Do you all concur with that? Follow the rules. That's what you have to do. Stay with it.

Most of these exercises can't be done by yourself. It requires a team effort. It works if everybody is following the rules.
There are personality differences that have to go away. OK?

You have to make an effort to speak up and speak quickly. Yesterday you were well, and we were all waiting. Can we get going?

And you can't get into this person said that or I don't know what you have to do. Growing up means kind of becoming like an elephant. Right? No. Have you seen an elephant. Dogs are barking. They keep on going. They don't care. Have you seen little dogs and big dogs come by and they get scared. Scared by this, scared by that. Elephant doesn't care. Knows where it's going.

She has to become like an elephant too. Elephants don't tell dirty jokes.

So that's what's going to happen. We don't have to make this difficult. The facilitators are going to do at everything you do wrong. That's their job. I know a lot of you have looked at the facilitators and w but they have helped you.

In the puzzle exercise, some joker group puts the puzzle on a notebook and walks around with it. R's group did that. I tried to make that point. People think, I can do this. Just a learning experience. It's not personal. There's no ego involved here. It's just to make a point. In that exercise with the puzzles, if one rep from one group brings their two pieces to the other group, sees if they want it, goes to the next group, eventually everyone will get their pieces. But it's this thing of everyone has to do something. I want to be involved; I want to do something. But it's that bus analogy. Being available, but being willing to stand by the side of the road.

There's a difference between unanimously choosing a leader vs. choosing someone to execute a task. In the firing scenario you elected leaders. It would have been OK if you had unanimously decided the criteria and then chosen people to execute the task.

We don't want to create leaders and abdicate responsibility to them.

When you start these exercises you will start very conscious, but then you will start forgetting the rules. Brain farts will start.

Also I saw some confusion about the 5-second rule. The intent of the 5-second rule is to digest information. If someone farted, there's nothing to digest.

There was a lot of help yesterday. I came around to the groups. There was a lot of dark thoughts from P. They manifest and you see, there's this tile, that tile. You said it's not going anywhere with this tile, but you said it's not going anywhere.

(M shows the solution diagram to the tile exercise)

Change it.

The other thing is, this kind of thinking, you've got to move this way. Lots of times to go forward you might have to make a 90-degree turn. Do so. That may be the only route.


Any other comments, thoughts, suggestions? Watch your brain farts, though?

[text missing from transcript] asset because of the way it was done. You've got to be very precise in giving instructions. We have gotten people and said OK you're the national contact. What am I [text missing from transcript]

In Amaroo I saw a person I thought was very competent to organize the teams in North America and he sat thru two trainings. Second training he was observing. I've given him a free run. OK You pick your team, figure out what needs to be done, get it done.

So I was asked yesterday do we need to have a person in Europe do that? And what do you think what my answer was? This is what I said. I'm neither going to create a position. If someone strikes me as that competent, then I'll create that position. That seems backwards. But to me that makes sense. That's how incompetence is created. Supervisor after supervisor after supervisor.

What is so difficult in figuring out a numbering system? What is so difficult, since all of these facility setups are identical, what is the difference to consciously move from here, being aware of who your group is, and go to whichever table is empty? You're compensating for a mistake that you made here. Let the first group go. Everyone gets up at the same time. Then you need systems.

Whatever methodology you come up with, make it simple so it works. Simplicity is not in a system. It's in a person. If the person is simple, it doesn't matter how complicated the situation is, they'll look at it simply. If you want that simple approach, use that simple approach.

So let the first group go. Then let the second group go. Then the third gorup. It's not like the chairs are custom molded for your body. But all the other things start mattering when you compensate for mistakes that happen here.

If I go for a walk at the Reigate residence, do you think I should start at a particular place? It doesn't matter. No, I'm at my house.

If you're really familiar with where you live, and you see a traffic jam. No problem. You know the other roads. But the tourist, oh shit, because they don't know other routes.

In Dehra Dun, if you were in a rush, if you wanted to arrive a little later, if I wanted to go for a drive, there were options, many different routes. Where there's K, there's light, there's options. Where there's ignorance, there's dark, there's no options. As a human being, you need light. Other creatures don't need that. You need a minimum amount of light to see. You have to live with that rule. You can come up with 100 different systems to compensate. But if you do it simply, well organised, it's fine. If someone has to go to the bathroom, just hold it for two more seconds so everyone knows which group they are in.

It's like, people put a door in the house to close it and then they put a lock on the door to keep the burgler out and then they lose the key because they put it under the mat and the whole purpose is defeated.

I just feel in my pocket to check if I've got my hotel key before. I take the sitting room key because that's what I use the most. At night I put the key by the door in an uncluttered place so I don't forget it in the morning.

(V announces plane crash exercise)

What was N's proposal? To ask if anyone needed clarification? Whose responsibility is it to get clear on the instructions? What if N gets sick or decides to have another baby and is not available? This is an example of personal responsibility, that each person should take individual personal responsibility to make sure that they are clear on the instructions.

No dark thoughts and no brain farts. There was a very clear set of verbage used.

(Plane Crash breakout sessions)

Look guys this is really simple. But you break rules. D had a brain fart and said the time is up. Another group had another brain fart. They took longer than 5 minutes for the first step and then still gave themselves 25 minutes. Please people, that's breaking the rules. You can't do that.

No dark thoughts. See that light right there. All right, but lets finish this. Bring this all together. Reach a consensus.

Is that the exercise? Then why are you modifying it?

Who's going to do it? Great idea. But let's go. Airplane's going to leave. People. Get it. All right people. Let's do it. Get this show on the road. OK, let's go.

Does everybody need to see? Can this be done if we eliminate everybody except for one person from each group? Which is how we're going to do it right? Go, go, go.

Add all that and get the average. Why don't you write down the total? And then you can have another column and write the average.

How many of you said the insect repellent was #1? Read the text. In the text it talks about the insects. When do insects come out? What do you put on at night before you go out in an insecty place?

Whilst they're doing this calculation, let's take a 15-minute break.


What are you waiting for? What am I supposed to do? You still have to write it in that column. You have to take these numbers and decide. I already gave you an assignment. If you're going to wait for me to proceed, this is not going to work, is it? Finish it.

Start from the top. Just call out what it is. What is the first aid kit?

So what's the logic here? There is none. You're supposed to put rum first and pistol second so you can get drunk and shoot yourself. Is there a problem? You're all dead. Are you all dead? Are we having dark thoughts? Why are you having dark thoughts? In survival situations should people have dark thoughts? What is the purpose of these things? To survive. So how did that blind girl survive? Common sense. These items are just aids to make life more comfortable, that's all.

When are they going to come looking for you? Are they going to come looking for you? When? When the rain stops. So when the rain stops when they come looking for you, how are you going to tell them where you are? Make a fire? Light the plane on fire. That will make a big fire. On the canopy of the trees, there's rain water. What's going to drive you insane? Insects.

Once I went on vacation on Heron Island. It was just like a day trip. One thing I couldn't believe, in the water, they were teeming with life, sharks, stingrays and they had no inhibition as human beings They had so little contact with humans. Most of the creatures we come in contact with have evolved with the humans, moved in with humans and found them to be good food. Humans moved out of caves and into houses and they moved in with us. Microscopic beetles , 1000's of them live on the bedsheets and live off your dead skin.

There's nothing you can do to get rid of them.

These bugs are not inhibited. They come and eat you alive. They haven't got it in their sense that you can kill them. They will eat you alive. It is one of the most intolerable things there is. Survival is not a weird thing. The most important thing that you need is not on here. Remember this one. Remember the clue. Get to the river. Once you get to the river you will be saved. The rivers are used by natives for transportation. You have to be careful of the rivers because of flooding. A lot of judgement has to be used. Rivers are like the highway. There are natives. They are available. They will help you. The most important survival info is not on here. It's an item, an object. If there were a woman on board, they'd have it. A mirror. The mahaguru of survival was asked once, what is the one item you'd want. A mirror. Pluck out things from my back , use it for signaling, if you have a wound, maggots will set in very quickly.
A live maggot will eat you, you have to cut them out. Space blanket is one of the mot incredible things. I just want to show you something.

Survival is common sense. Survival is not that difficult. Radio is not going to do any good. Especially with thunderstorms, all you will hear is cracks.

Read your text. Do you know what general direction the rivers are? Read on. So whichever way the airplane is headed when it crashed, go towards the tail and that's where you saw the rivers. P will you get my survival kit from my briefcase. You don't have to be genius to figure this out. This is more of an academic exercise. You don't have to be a rocket scientist for any of these exercises.

Every survival situation is different. The thing of just leaving the site of the accident is not what you want to do. There was a plane crash in Peru. The crew, 10-11 people. Half of them decided to go. When they were rescued, those who had stayed with the airplane were picked up because the plane acted as a big flag. The others died.

This is what I carry. Toolkit, compass, sharpening stone, canteen, matches, lighter, battery with wire, tool kit with pliers, steel wool, alumniimum foil, signalling mirror, space blanket, water purification tablets, tylenol tablets, motion sickness tablets. Custom made.

So this is good to have. Hopefully never have to use it. OK. Next.

A lot of brain farts. People weren't keeping time. Which is not a good situation. Making up their own time. Anything else, add, subtract from that?

(V announces Silent Paragraph Reconstruction exercise)

We need to pick up these sheets from the last exercise. Everybody handed their survival exercise over?

How many A3's are there? How many A4's are there? Yeah but she's Indian. And she's a woman, right? So it doesn't matter, right? Are you taking care of your woman here? Do you feel that you are being left out? You feel fine? You feel respect? Let's clarify things and get started. Time is burning up.

People are starting to have dark thoughts.

[text missing from transcript] is. Now you're already formulating the exercise in your head. That exercise you are formulating in your head is not the one you are about to do. Are you already considering that we are going to make your job so difficult, so tricky. Have you come across any such exercise thus far?

(Silent Paragraph exercise begins)


(V announces Silent Paragraph exercise #2)

A4 group got one of the only two faxes available but then took 6 minutes (of the 20) to discuss things before sending on the fax to other groups.

Group agreed to address the fax to A3, 2 and 1, but when it was worded, it ended up being addressed only to A3. They rushed to send off the fax. By rushing they made a mistake. A minute later someone wrote "hopefully A3 will send on the fax to A2 and A1."

[text missing from transcript] only do that if you thought it was a trick. Think about it. Because it's futile. You couldn't have done it. It's not possible.

So how many of you agree that the whole group had all the info? Those of you who do think that are 100% correct. It's not a trick. You have two faxes. How many faxes do you really need? One. How can this be done? Very very simply. So in this group you have all the words you need. You have two faxes and only needed one. And you have at least one person who knows exactly how this can happen. You have the means, the resources. Do you think you had enough time to do this? So why did that not happen? A simple thing.

Why were you all trying to send individual faxes? Why? No trust. If group A1 had sent their fax to group A2. Then what does group A1 do after they send the fax? Relax. When you finish your job and go home, what do you do? Relax, There's nothing more to do. Then what does A2 do? Copy their words and send it to A3. What does A2 do? Relax. . Then A4 needs to copy all those words and start putting it together and send it back to A3, if they want to. Although A4 is capable of doing the job. But where is the trust? In real life you trust, don't you?

How many of you buy items from these warehouses and they send it to you? So you can trust total strangers. You can, right? You do. But you're not willing to trust these guys? Each other? But you didn't do it.

So A1 is writing their fax. What should A2 do? What should A3 do? Wait. But when everyone gets excited and starts grabbing the faxes. Because there is no fax. How many thought there were no faxes? But actually 2 faxes is 100% more than you need.

So we went through yesterday and I think something happened. A weight was lifted. It wasn't that we were working with strangers any more. There was some commonality. People we could trust. But as far as brainfarts are concerned, they always come first. I guess farts are precursors to shit. So I guess you like the smell, and then you wait for the shit. After the shit there's the fan and the shit goes all over the place.

You've got to trust. It's so simple.

Group A3 could have saved the day. You had two faxes. They were hogging them, so nobody else could have them. Hogging them. B can explain it to you. Expression comes from Kansas.

The way Group A4 wrote the fax, they almost covered. Not enough room for everyone to write their words. See this note here? This note was going to go down here. After a few thumbs up, I kept clearing my throat. You take more space and you're going to make matters worse.

What I'm going to do. I'm going to get you to do this exercise again. A1, B1, ask for the fax. Put your words down. Send it to group two. Put their words down. Send it to three. Put your words down. Send it to group four.

Trust is really trust. So many times someone goes missing. Someone says you stay here and I'll go look. When one person goes away, there are two people lost. The third person figures I better go look. He goes. The second person comes back and says I couldn't find the first person, so he goes looking. The first one comes back and seeing no one there, goes home. It's a comedy. Of course it's an issue of trust.

Under the circumstances of this training, it's an issue of trust. What good is it for everyone to be responsible, but nobody trusts each other.

That's not good. Train the person, brief the person, get the person so they are trustworthy and then trust them.

So you don't need to speak this time, do you? Ten minutes is all they need. Wait. What are you doing? Who should go? OK. All I want to see is A1 leaving. If A2 gets up I'm going to shoot them. B2, A2. So much less confusing. So much smoother. OK, 3. 4.

It's almost time for lunch. Obviously the debriefing needs to continue afar beyond lunch. I think we have an accountability issue here. In the A Group, they decided that S, N, P, L and P and A and J, they all decided that S and J are the only ones to work on this because the rest of the guys don't know English. What did Group A1 have to do? Copy. Could he copy? Could P copy? Could A copy? Could P copy? What did group A2 have to do? Copy.

I went to Senegel once. The immigration guy couldn't read. The guy copied. It took 45 minutes, but eventually he got it.

I think you have an accountability issue. That was one of the suggestions I had made. You can send the fax back. After lunch, I think you need to hold these people accountable. Because you trusted them.

This is a simple exercise. (M reads the message:)

How many of you have heard that before? All of you. It's from an event. You couldn't put it together. Not a good situation. Have lunch. One hour. 1:38, 2:38 please.

(Lunch break)

So we were dealing with the accountability issue.

I think group four, A4 and B4 needs to explain to the team why whatever happened, happened. P?

That's a personal perspective. I'm glad you see what you saw and I'm sure that will help you. But the accountability is towards the team for that particular group.

Because you want to abdicate, get out of this. You did the puzzle exercises and the fewer the people the better. But in this exercise. If 6 people had said or 4 people had said we'll do the copying and 2 people decipher, then I would have let that go on. And the hogging of the fax. That could have gone either way.

By that team took 6 of their members and threw them out. If they realized they had English language impediment in their group. But one you hog, then two you have completely incapacitate yourself. And I think that group should explain or do something, even if it's an apology, even if this a bit of a setup, but I should think that group should apologize to the rest of the group.

If those kids in the bus analogy started running in the road and distracting everyone and the 350 pound people decided to sit on them, then OK, at least you're preventing the kids from distracting everyone.

(Group A4 apologizes)

Now from the rest of the team, do you accept their apology?

Do you accept their apology? One simple question.

Why do you accept their apology? If you have a daughter and someone rapes your daughter and then they say well I really love you daughter and I'm sorry, would you accept that?

So B4, you can get up and apologize to the team. Hogs. Are you unanimous in apologizing? OK, so apologize.

So, does the team accept their apology?

You go to the gas station and ask which way is Arundel? And then this guy says you know my wife has these knockers this big. And she was constipated the other day and Do you want to hear all that?

This is a question of respect. When someone asks you as question, you answer them. So, do you accept their apology?

I think it's fundamentally wrong to accept their apology. Once you have accepted their apology, you have abdicated, OK, it's fine, It's settled, we can all go home now. Is it settled? There hasn't been any consequences. Everthings's OK. We can go fuck up again.

Anyone want to bet? Bet? Bet? $100? $1,000,000? So, this is again the same issue that prevented us from completing the firing thing we were going to do. Notice I didn't call it an exercise. Look guys, you made a turn yesterday. Now that you've made a turn, the territory in front of you is unfamiliar. But you can't have it both ways. You can't go into unfamiliar territory and have familiar scenes. The scenery is going to change.

When I was driving here this morning, sitting there very quietly, looking at the scenery change. I remember this. I think we're about half way there. The scenery is going to change. If you take that turn and you don't want the scenery to change, your're in trouble. Question of respect, are you thinking about the other groups? What are they going through. So stay with it. That was an easy one.

Now I know why he said yeah we should accept that apology. A lot of times I used to do this thing with my kids and they'd do something and come to me and say "I'm sorry" and I'd ask them "Why?" Very calm. I'd sit there and go "Why?" "Why?" And after they got out of that age, I asked them what they thought of that. They said the why thing was the most painful. Much worse than being yelled at. It was the most confronting thing. We need to be confronted. Apology is simply not good enough. Unless team tells you a remedy and you apply it, fine.

So reflect on that for a minute. While we figure out what kind of headache we're going to pick for you. Depending on where you are, we've got different types of headaches.

[text missing from transcript] re in Amaroo who did this exercise shall not participate verbally. OK?
[text missing from transcript] t's it.

(V announces River Crossing exercise)

Has anybody else done this exercise before besides the Amaroo group?

Now you are starting to repeat yourselves. If you are smart enough to write the instructions, then be smart enough to tick them off as they are said.

You could just choose one person to represent you and I guarantee you that poor asshole will never make it. Asshole, is that male? That's male though, no? Do you think of a male when you hear that word?

Leave your notebooks here. You won't be needing them.

(River Crossing exercise begins)

V made it [text missing from transcript] purpose of the 8 groups is for accountability. You are supposed to work as a team? So why are you still meeting in 8 groups?

If you pick up a mat, you're going to have to have a mat anyway. This is very much like don't know how to do it right? Just don't make any mistakes. Don't touch the rope. Don't touch the acid. Don't step for more than four seconds. And don't touch more than one mat. Real live stuff, right?

It's fine to pick up a mat. Because they want to see a live demonstration.

Start by standing as much on the corner of it as you can, without stepping off.

[text missing from transcript] a handrail bridge.

Are you afraid these [text missing from transcript] them. So why don't you all take a mat and get rid of that problem. Now get organized that everyone has a mat and can hear. Now please back up so people can experiment in a space. If you want, you can sit down on your mat. Give enough room so the experimenters can experiment.

You end up with the same problem.

They already rehearsed that.

Can I make a suggestion? Maybe I shouldn't. R had the right idea. The very first idea you came up with was bang on. But dark thoughts got in the way. There is no risk free solution. To save you a lot of headache, he had the right idea. But now I'm not going to tell you anything more. Do you remember what your idea was? He forgot.

You don't need to do any of that. Don't do anything fancy. Just stand right at the edge. People have done it with much bigger feet than mine and yours.

Put your mat over there. Now go stand on it. Pick up your mat. You can't stabilize for that long. There, that's it. That's how it works. You have to do it slowly. You don't have to hold anybody. This is not sexual training. Do you get it? Have you been following all the rules. 10 second rule would have allowed multiple ideas to be tried. But when the 10 second rule isn't there, there's no time for more ideas.

Follow the rules and I'll give you a time extension.

Is it only two people at a time? It's going to be more, right?

What really needs to happen? He stays. Stay on your mat. Now another person go. Cool. Now another person go. Cool. God, you guys are genius. How the fuck did you figure that out. What is the key to this? Go slowly. There are ladies present, so the mats can't be that far apart. Now you need to try a turn.

Now this is a turning point. So you have to give enough room. See you put that too far. Another person please. When you come here. You can do a 90 degree turn. So you can have the line go exactly down the center and have the lines go in both directions at the other side. Now you're going to go because you're the last person.

When you go 90 degrees, you have to make sure it's not too big of a step so you don't cross the 4 second threshold.

Is everybody unhappy with that?

Yeah, it's much better to start in the middle. Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Don't be in a rush. That's when the mistakes happen. Then everybody has to go back and problems come.

One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three

One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three

You can't scooch so just stand at the edge. It's all right.

One thousand one, one thousand two,

(Side comment to V: Maybe we should have the people from Amaroo just peel off.)

(Side comment to Chuck: No that's too close (to the rope). They're going to jump.)

(Side comment to Chuck: No not there. They're going to have to cross the line there.)

One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four

No, you can't scooch.

One thousand one, one thousand two

Do these people coming know that they have to be a lot tighter to fit in?

How many left? They'll work something out right?

One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four.

R is here.

Have you got plans? Have you got a strategy? I'm sure the Amaroo staff, the people who were at Amaroo have the solution.

I think your proposal is good. They should go with it (J's proposal). It was just dark thoughts that prevented it from being accepted.

One thousand one, one thousand two

They've got it.


R had the solution, but you need to be more confident.

One thing I have to hand you. Your execution was better than most groups.

The next exercise, people from Amaroo, shut up. Only if you have a brain fart can you speak.

(V announces envelope exercise.)

Ahem, ahem. I'm just clearing my throat.

Now you know why French never made it as the international language.

You know one group figured out a way around the 10-second rule. One guy would go "and." They only did it for the good ones. Good ideas.

That's why French is not the international language. A lot of people had the same comment, "What?"

So this is an example of unity. Once you break that team unity, it cannot be put back together again. That's what you meant, right?

Nobody is saying "and" to you.

How can a scholar of Sanskrit be ever wrong? (Said to G)

He talks like Captain Pickard. #2, make it so. (Said to R)

It reminds me of a story. There were a couple of ladies teeing off. There were a couple of guys standing on the side. The ladies teed off and then watched as one of the guys doubled up in pain.

Well, let me tell you another story. You ladies might want to put your fingers in your ears. This circus owner put an ad in the newspaper, "Looking for lion tamers." The next day this old woman and old man show up for the job. They say we're lion tamers. The owner says let me see what you can do. She change into her costume, beautiful black robe, stark naked underneath., black whip and black boots. She whips her whip into the air. The lion comes up to her. She opens up her private parts. The lion starts to, you know. This really impresses the owner. He turns to the old man and says can you do better than that? The old man says, well yeah, just get the lion out of there.

See if you can find a parallel. I told you to put your fingers in your ears.


You just passed the proposal. Nobody objected to it. So what are you going to do now? Do you want this to happen?

Is he a brain or a hand? Which do you want these two to be? Brain or hands? Hands can give you a report, right? Hot, cold. Then the brain decides.

Do you want to look inside of it? You can hold it up to the light.

(M comes out with a flashlight.)

It's from Dr. H. It's been up 100 rectums. I'm going to wash my hands.

He gave you the biggest clue. You just didn't listen to him.

By the way, how's your eyesight? He's got these big thick glasses he wears.

Now wait a minute. One time you were going for it. Now you're going the other way. You said the word "riddle." It's not a riddle. There is no riddle.

There you go. You want a chair? OK

See how good a magician I am?

Four don't (four envelopes).

[text missing from transcript] s ago? Everything you do has to be irreversible. Work it on your accent a bit. You've got it.

Go ahead, they don't object. No one objects anymore.

I don't think those envelopes have ever been squeezed before. They're going to fuse together.

OK, so you're convinced now. You're trying to go into an area where you need to be a lot more definitive than just shining a light on the envelope. I suggest that you do something that is irreversible.

The order is very very important. That would be irreversible There is a very simple solution to it. No, numbering the envelopes is irreversible. That will work. That's reversible. Whatever the content is, you could take it out and put it next to the envelope, right? That would be reversible, right?

It's unnecessary (to write the words on the flip chart). The first thing you want to do is line them up in order. Are people keeping track of the order of the envelopes? Are you helping them? Are you helping the hands?

I'm very glad S you didn't drop your voice and you didn't drop your proposal.

Very important to do your research thoroughly. The person just told you they haven't completed the research.

It's like somebody loses something in a car and you send someone to search the car. They come back and tell you I looked everywhere except the trunk. Have they finished the research?

The chairs are your biggest obstacle right now. Do you need some more people? Qualified people? People who won't rush and mess it up. S should help. She should have the honors.

Now that we are this far along. Should I tell them? One piece of paper has a code and one has a word. If you separate those two, you'll never know where the word goes. You want to take a break. They can work on this. It doesn't take long once you figure it out.
Let's take a break. How long do you want?


You look like Pickard, talk like Pickard. But yuou don't smile like Pickard because Pickard doesn't smile.

All right, how do we include this. If you want to use that easel, flip chart, you can. You don't have to.

Now you don't need to worry about the envelopes, right? What can't be separated are the two pieces of paper. You don't even need to use the flip charts. Envelopes don't matter anymore. What can't be separated and put back together are the words and the codes.

If you've decided to use the flip chart. OK, find 001.

How's your English? You can read?

Just write creators.

Now it's just academic.

Creators are an enigma to many people because creators seem to tolerate apparent contradictions quite easily. To creators however, these are not contradictions but opposites that need to be balanced continually as a bicyclist continually shifts weight from left to right to maintain balance with the least amount of effort.

You have to be very precise. Creators or creator? You don't have to write this down, do you?

OK? That's it. Hand the envelopes back to Mr. V. You should have started from there to know which is the top one.

I have to tell you not too many actually get to this part of the exercise. That one hour session prior to getting this done usually goes two hours, three hours.

Well, OK, next exercise I won't help. I don't know if you are complaining or not.

(V asks the group to pick the 25 smartest people in the team.)

I see D feeling a little uncomfortable with this.

No, you have to choose them. Here's a task that requires 25 smartest people. They all volunteer, secretly, they have all volunteered. Why are you sitting down (to P). Choose the 25 smartest people. Yeah you choose them and maybe everybody will agree. She likes this. 25 smartest people. Smartest. OK, you're taking too much time. Sit down.

For the exercise we need the 25 smartest. Don't go into dark thoughts now. Like going from one country to another country you go through a zone.

But no one objected to his proposal in time. Start from there. No one objected to any of these proposals. Now the Italians say this is OK. Multi bene. So far as I'm smart, it's OK.

(V starts the Mission Possible/Bucket exercise by asking the group to pick 20 of the least smart people)

(V asks the rest to divide up into five groups of as much as equal size as possible)

Amaroo people, you are just dumb, OK?

(V asks the 20 to divide into 5 groups of equal size)

(V asks the 20 least smart people to put on their blindfolds and he takes the 25 smartest people out of the room.)

How are you all doing? Feeling OK with your blindfolds?

Anybody want any water or anything? You want with vodka or without vodka? That's with vodka. Want some more? Music? Obnoxious or good?

(M tells a joke)

All the people with the blindfolds OK? It's OK, there's a big monster behind you. Big claws about to slit your throadt? Have you seen Friday the 13th? So far you're blindfolded it's OK.

Do you have to go to the bathroom? Well that's not your chair anyway, go ahead. Be back this century OK?

OK, I'll keep them entertained.

(M tells a joke)

Everybody still comfortable?

(Everyone comes back)

How was it over there?

OK, I don't know if we need to debrief.

Tomorrow morning when you come you need to sit exactly like this. Or someone can take inventory where everyone is. That's a hint. J is 1. P is 71.

So you all know your numbers now. So you can sit like you would normally tomorrow, front to back, back to front. Write down your number so you can go back to the seat you are in now.

There's a lot to brief and a lot not to debrief. I'll see you at 9am tomorrow morning.

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