Prem Rawat's comments - Training, 30th June 1999

This is the original transcript of Maharaji's comments on the third day of a training session that took place in Miami in 1999. The transcript was written by Chuck Nathan, and the only edits that have been done are the replacement of attendees names with initials, and a few very obvious spelling corrections.



How are doing today? Bright eyed and bushy tailed? I'd like to talk about a few things.

1. As this team and other teams emerge. 1 team can never become so important that it's placed above M. It would become all too easy for a team to evolve its own vision. When that vision evolves it will smother, kill M's vision. And then the team will go around in circles until it self-destructs. You must understand that an individual, a person, cannot have their vision in a team above what the team is trying to accomplish. Because then the individual gets in and the team stops. And the team cannot have an agenda, a vision, above M's vision. I mentioned self-destruction. You may not have seen self-destruction. I have. Mahatmas. During the time of Mata Ji, my mother, the Mahatmas had their own agenda and the team self-destructed. That's just one example. There are many.

The pecking order has to be clear. As an indiv you respect the team. As a team you respect M. Is M a person? You will learn that M is not a person. M is an embodiment of certain things. The name M does not belong to one person. Before me shri M was called M. This is a title that is given by the PWK's who have acknowledged something. It is fundamentally an embodiment of what the master offers. That is what M is. It's no dif than doctor. You understand the concept of a doctor, right? M is a lot more. What M has taught have M, consciousness, enjoyment. When people begin to reap the benefits of those things and acknowledge the benefit by the expression of love and gratitude and recognition of the name M. That's just something to think about and keep in the back of your heads. So it's really something that embodies what we like in our lives. So never above that. And never equal to or competing with M. That is our purpose of a team, to help accommodate and help fulfill that Vision. No more and no less. OK?

2. Today please follow the rules. You know what they are. And you know you can't simply break one rule. Yesterday you got off really easy. The other group actually asked for the structure right off the bat. They kept asking and asking and asking. This team kind of vaguely alluded to it. Now you have it. No mercy. The axe shall fall. If you understand the rules and the simplicity of the rules, it's really no dif than what you would expect from your kids, from a waiter, from your spouse. Yes it's all amplified it looks like some thing big and hard to follow. But when you came here you tripped yourself - it's going to be difficult and hard. Or the other extreme, M's going to give us satsang, it's going to be beautiful., unicorns will be floating around, rainbows. But people come with these extremes and they find it to be very different. Some people come and expect to know about ushering. But 3 months from now ushering may not exist. The instructor system could change in a flash. In India it did in the course of 7 days. Videos could change. We could have a 24 hour channel, events, music, everything. For the longest time we didn't have a web site. Now we have 4 or 5. Actually I think it's a mistake. But I saw this as a way to neutralize misconceptions. It serves no other purpose than that.

This is the opportunity and you have it. Then change things you don't like you can change. Not as an individual but as a team. So you have no excuses. None. Whatsoever. I don't like the way userhing is done. Fine. Change it. That's the possibility. The possibility is to get it right. Exercises are merely a way to enact following the rules, taking them second nature, under various circumstances, all of which involve undue pressure. Hello. Welcome to the real world. Not so difficult to understand. Are these pressures being put on you real or fake? That's up to you.

The other thing is leadership. We can't have this leadership bus. Yesterday you were blindfolded. A leader emerged in the triangle group, A. He was actually leading you down a very very steep, dead ended path. You couldn't see it or hear it. But you were following right along. He made a critical mistake of untying one of the ropes. If he had untied the knots, you would have ended up as 3 triangles. Leadership like that is not needed. It allways leads people astray. Leaders are always in individual mode. To be a leader, a leader has to separate himself from the team, go into individual mode. As soon as you do that, you no longer have a garland. Pearls break the clasp and it's finished. All the pearls go all over the place. That's exactly what happens when you have a leader. You don't need a leader. You have a leader. M is your leader. Let M come up with the Vision, what needs to happen. The team take that Vision and make it a reality. I know today some of you are going to want to become a leader. There are a few of you here who are prone to it. Yesterday during your strategy, circle, square and training. Each one of you assumed that other groups weren't doing anything. But each group was coming up with a strategy. Sense of trust. Sense of strategy. I know questions were being asked yesterday that you knew the answers to. I'm not talking about the whole team; I'm talking about the indivs. This doubt, you can't let it take hold of you like that. You'll waste time asking frivolous questions. Important questions fine. Don't create a hypothetical doubt and then try to get it rectified. It's like inserting a key in your car and asking is this my car? Stay away from that.

And when instructions are given, listen to them carefully. In a team if someone creates a problem, it can be compensated for. This gentleman there is having trouble understanding English. Does he have a problem? No. What is his problem? All he has to do is ask the team, hey I don't understand Eng so well, can someone help me? With he instructors in India, Ved, RJ, Mahajatma Ji all took turns to help. So do we have a problem? Does he have a problem? The team is here, the team can help.

At the res in Malibu people, of yes I'm going to go and do service for M. They get there and then they see no they've got to work hard. And then they start working hard and become extreme individuals. 9am to 10pm. Because I don't stop working. There could be a meeting happening at 11 pm. What happens? They fry. So we had training for them. It's so beautiful now. If one person needs rest they just say fine I'll compensate for you from this time to this time. People get time off for doctor appts, shopping. And guess what? The level of service has increased 100 fold. If one person is sick, another kicks in and helps.

Team can help. Every morning the res staff meets for 10-15 minutes to decide the plan for the day. The team works, it really really does. The level of service it ends up providing is many many times greater than any one indiv could do. I can tweak it and everyone gets that communication and it changes. Team can come together and restrategize. We use all the means of communication possible. 1st class. CompuServe. There's one person who's in charge of making sure that whatever needs to be communicated to team members gets communicated. So put to rest your concerns. Because teams are already in effect. After this I've got England, Europe, India. India is ahead of the game because they are the ones who exported all the concepts and they were the first ones to get rid of them. Do you know that the entire propagation system in India is changed? There is no longer one single instructor or Mahatma. The mahatmas, the Bais. Some of them decided they wanted to go so they did. Others decided no we came to you, we've dedicated our lives to you. They were given training. The rest said we're really interested in learning English. The others ones said I used to be an accountant. I'd like to learn more and help in that way. So all those Mahatmas an Bais are retraining themselves to be of use, to be of service, in any way. So what happened to the PWKS? Overjoyed. Because who was setting up programs? PWKS. Because maybe the PWKS saw the need for 7 program. What happened to the aspirants? When the asps heard the Mahatmas were gone, the number jumped by 5000. 10K registered ones jumped to 15K. Could you have predicted that? But that's what happened. One conference, one training like this. Changed. The main team members can't believe the changes that are able to happen. The ripple effect. Which will be reflected in progation. And is already reflected in people's enthusiasm. Next India training: aspirant set and event set up. They can actually learn how to set up an event. They'll wire up the video machine, screen, etc. We had already developed a simulator for training people to speak. You come into the simulator. You see a big screen with the audience. You talk to people. If what you said was good, people listened. If you went wobbly, then people coughed, and even started to leave.

You are part of that link. This link has to function. It cannot be placed in the chain yet. If it's placed in the chain how it will tear. Follow the rules. Focus on the rules. And they will take you right across. You know why the rules work? Because they are so damn simple. They are self-sustaining rules. With confi everyone feels safe. How safe? Maybe you have a user out there and he's not doing so good. I know that 90% of you would be afraid to mention his name to anybody because of the fear that it would go back to him. Now it's gone. You can say I don't know about that guy and rest assured it won't go out of the room. So the rules are wonderful. Use them. You made them. How can I be so confident to go through that process? Because I know those are the rules you want. You come up with some more but they get consolidated and get put in. But you know you want them.

(V gives instructions for an exercise)
You've just received the most complicated instructions. Why don't you take 5 seconds to review them?
Why doesn't everyone who has the instructions read one line at a time? That way you won't bust the 10-second rule.
(Strategy made)
This is not difficult. You're just in a rush to go do this. This can be done very nicely, very quietly, very methodically. This is how you want to function as human beings.
(Break out sessions begin)
Impulse to do is so incredible that it overwhelms intelligence. When they did studies they found that very few accidents have skid marks. You know why? Because most people end up pushing the accelerator, not the break. Imagine you're going to be on phone conferences. What's going to happen if you have no discipline?
(Blue papaya exercise starts)

How many of you had successful negotiations and came to some conclusion?
First of all, do you think you exceeded the time limit?
Do you think you needed to exceed to time limit?
What would you have done differently in retrospect?
Do what got you?
It's very easy to start making instructions that don't exist. You read an instruction and you give it an interpretation. And then there has to be clarification. That's why you can't have dark thoughts.
What else could you have done differently?
When you're in a rush, I have to slow down. Because when I rush I keep making mistakes and then it takes even more time.
We had a proposition from, what's your name, (N), about 10 seconds. It's a brilliant idea but it doesn't work because people have to keep track of this themselves. And people can take it as disrespect if you keep reminding them.
The last group came up with a system where one person says "and" after 10 seconds. It was so brilliant that I told them they couldn't use that. We say so many unnecessary things. I think. I say.
Time time time time time. Time was bite you. It's about time. That has a double meaning. Premies are horrible at time.
What was the purpose of this exercise? No come on, what was the real purpose of this exercise? What? What? That's it. That's always a good answer.
Take a break - 15-minute break.
Boy we better buy some stock in digital watches.
(15 minute break)

OK. Open your eyes. How long was that since the clap? Were you counting? How much was it?
There's a lot of guessing going on. With guessing you can get close. You're not supposed to know how long it was. Human beings don't have that kind of a clock.
Ducks do. Birds can look at a bug's trajectory and intercept it. Human beings can't do that. Human beings have a clock to get their body functions going but it drifts one hour a day. You have no sense of time as a human being.
They did an experiment, bringing this guy food so he'd have a sense of time. In the second part of the experiment they changed it and only gave him food when he wanted it. Within 6 days he was actually off by one day. If you have no clues of light or other things, you have no idea of time.
You have no sense of direction either. Pigeons can figure out their direction by the magnetic fields.
Awareness of time. How far are you along? You really have to take measures to help yourself keep track of time. You have no natural way of doing that. The way it feels, time is very relative. If you're having fun, hours can go by. If you're working on something really tedious, five minutes can seen like hours.
Who doesn't like the ten-second rule? Why don't you like it?
(Someone says the ten-second rule is annoying sometimes)
How many words do you think he said he didn't need to say? He only needed to say one word, annoying. But he goes on using all the rest of these words that are frivolous. And it annoys the shit out of us. Because we have to listen to you. Please people, if it's so painful for you to be precise and concise, you've got a bigger problem than the ten-second rule. Break the rules of language. Forget all that crap, I was thinking, etc. Don't' like it. Confused. Agree. In India they have a beautiful system when they barter, spice trading. They barter with their hands. They are completely poker face about it. The NY stock exchange they've got their symbology. Why not become really efficient. I made a mistake with the last group and gave them 10 seconds. It was supposed to be 5 seconds. There's a team running around out there with a 5-second rule.

(V gives 25 smartest people exercise)
(V asks the group who was respecting M's time when time for exercise was decided)
(Team decides on 5 minutes for the task)

She says we are all smart. Do you agree or disagree? So why do you have a problem? Why are you having dark thoughts? It's already been established that you are all smart. We just asked for the 25 smartest people. So what's the problem?

(Mission Possible exercise starts)

(M speaking casually with half of the team before the exercise starts)
Now don't give this away R. Or W. (Put in facilitator checklist)
Wonder what's going on. All the smart people left.
How has the food been at the restaurant? What do they have for lunch?
The doctors they like gross things. Gross. They smell gross things. They stick their fingers in gross things.

If we had our own facility you guys would put on 15 pounds. We've got people who can make incredibly good food. When you work mentally really hard, it's nice to go and enjoy a good meal.

The last few days has been incredible food. Bai Ji makes really good Indian food. The food you get in Indian restaurants isn't even Indian food. What people have done is create these businesses. It costs about 250K and Indians who are willing to immigrate to the US can buy this business and it meets their immigration bus and then they sell it to the next person for the same exact price. They're really set up for people to get their visas.

There's a restaurant in Delaware with really good Indian food. That's the only one I've found that's really good. The amount of grease or fat or oil is one tenth. The food in India is really good. Inside the walls of the res in India is a garden and they pick fresh vegetables from the garden. For me, my family, VIPs (staff).

This guy (H) came to an event before he received K totally naked. This isn't a person you want to go to if you get sick. Gives you a good motivation not to get sick.

Montreal has the best restaurants in North America. India has really good restaurants. There's a guy, he just has carts. He makes rice, nan, goat curry and vegetarian curry. He's right across from the Delhi courthouse. There's no place to sit down. You get a plate and eat it and then hand the plate back. The line runs three or four blocks.

When I was a kid at school, this kid's father had a shop and all he would sell is samosas and gulab jaman and people would stand in line at 2pm waiting for him to open at 4pm. The line would go on and on and on.

Beetle nuts ground up, it's like chewing gum. It stains the hell out of your teeth. It's called pan.

Bai Ji makes really good samosas. When we were growing up samosas were our hamburgers. We'd have 3 samosas and a sweet bun. You get the salt and sweet.

The trick is when you cook a puri, before the meal the chef used to bring a puri to the king. If the dough is wet then it won't absorb the oil. If the dough is dry it will absorb the oil. One day Akbar in his court decided to go on in the evening and the chef had made a few dishes and all of a sudden Akbar said I want food for everybody and the chef panicked and put together everything he had and mixed it with rice and made biryani.

One time there was a king and he said I'll take care of you. The people refused. The king had a palace. He ordered it demolished and had it rebuilt so the people could be employed.

In India food is made in the big kitchen. People who don't have money, they are given food. Every time they made food I taste it. We have a well; it's called the res well, 250 feet deep. The water was tested. Pure water. It tastes amazing. When it comes out it's really cold. It's naturally cold and fresh. No bacteria. When you drink it, like distilled water, it's so sweet. This well just says constant. Even when there was a drought it didn't slow down.

(Team reconvenes after Mission Impossible)

What happened? Why didn't you follow the rules? These guys sitting here blindfolded had a great time. We were talking about Indian food. What happened? I wasn't there so you'll have to fill me in.
Spoke on top of one another. Respect. What else? Conscious?
Were people in your team asking time after time for instructions to be clarified because they weren't listening? I thought we weren't going to do that. I thought we talked about there is a listening disorder and we have to learn to listen.
You got so far into the strategy and everyone wants to repeat it and then nobody is willing to take a step to proceed.
Now you're seeing the other side of the coin. This morning you were following the rules. But in this exercise you weren't following the rules so the axe fell. It's going to get more intense, more frustration. So then there's no help. You've got to follow the rules.
How many of those people who left this room the earliest knew that there was a bunch of people sitting here blindfolded? Were you ever concerned about them? I was doing your job. Someone could have come and asked them are you OK or kept them posted. It's a very odd situation when you're sitting there blindfolded. Were you thinking like a team?

So the solution did come in 13 minutes. Are you surprised there was a solution raised in 13 minutes? But it wasn't listened to. Are you surprised that it wasn't listened to? It again demonstrates that you have the ability but you don't have the ability to follow the rules. You are going to have to follow the rules. Is it difficult? Why not then? It's a controlled environment right? Safe? We're in the midst of the most caring people you'll ever be in the midst of. There are people here who care for you more than even your family cares for you. Pretty nice facility. So what's the problem? Why not venture out from your habits?
You were going to say something? No? Said it to yourself and got it resolved?
(M calls 15-minute break)

Taking a break is a good thing. Take full advantage of it. You don't have to eat.
This watch vibrates when the time is up. It can beep also.
Rules. Very very important. You're going to follow them right?
(V announces the Blind Leading the Blind exercise)
What do you think? People actually forgot numbers. You had three minutes strategize. You didn't know what was going to happen. Everyone becomes an isolationist and it becomes very confusing. What you did when you started was brilliant. So here you are and you are blindfolded and you're under a lot of pressure. Then you get out there. A whole different strategy has to emerge. But what you could have solved very easily in the main meeting room you couldn't do out there. It was brilliant. Someone said they're number one.
Who forget their number?
You lost so much time. Had you stayed with that 1,2 3,4 it would have been fine. But when everyone become an isolationist it became confusing.
In that situation how do you keep tabs on time? You can't.
When you all became isolated and repeating your numbers, were you helping anything?
It was an unknown situation. But what did you have that was a known? The rules.

(V starts envelope exercise)
Go ahead speak, no one is going to call on you.
There's a protocol problem here. How do you agree? Are you clear on how you agree and how you disagree? Are you clear or are you not clear?
Why are you firsting and seconding and thirding proposals?
Good proposals have been made and bad proposals have been made. Would you say you are thinking about your proposals, thinking about your objections, given the sheer speed with which they are being made? Shouldn't you be doing that? Why don't you establish a minimum amount of time that must elapse after a proposal before a new proposal can be made?
Why should you give that much leeway to let people ask for more time to consider proposals? You're just leaving them room to not listen.
Five seconds, that's all you get.
(Team agrees to wait 5 seconds after a proposal is made before any new proposals or objections can be stated) Time has come for a lunch break.
(Lunch break)

Nice lunch? Steve says I can cook better.
There were people who were adamant the team should go one way. Are you coming from a risk situation? But there is a risk here.
Do you realize how much the rules were being followed? A lot of people lost some of their tickets. The reason so many people were losing those pieces of paper is people weren't thinking, they were just saying. One ass would drop and another mouth would open. Then another ass would drop and another mouth would open.
Then this ambiguity builds up. How do we agree and how do we disagree? It creates this pushy environment. Do the ladies in this group feel unlistened to? Do you feel that the men with louder voices have taken over? So what can you do about it?
Either you do it or you don't do it. It's too simple of a thing to do. Some people actually like to be victimized. Like you get on sand and wiggle your butt and make an indent. Some people are like that. They create a space around them and get used to getting victimized. But when you see what needs to change, just do it, just change it.
You came up with a proposal. No harm. No harm. You even quoted me. After that you just clammed up.
You have to understand that there are a lot of things that are not right. But don't blame the team. There's a lot of individuality going on so the team is not coming together.
There was a dynamic going on as in the last group; this group and this group (the two halves of the room). You were looking over there from where the resistance is coming from. Darlene was trying to say something that was worth listening to but one ass would hit the chair and then a mouth would open. Is this how you're going to divide yourselves up? That's not a team.
What's the objective of any exercise? The number of tickets handed out shows that the rules aren't being followed. As Dave will attest in the last group the same thing happened. It's all kind of like a cartoon. But it's not necessary. If we all listen to each other. Can we listen to each other Can we take that 5 seconds? Can we be aware of the team? If someone is already up when we can get up what do we do? Sit down. Do you think people are thinking about what they say?
C there has replaced all your heads with cartoon characters.
Please people let's get this together. It's not that difficult is it? This is a very difficult time after lunch too.

(V announces "Crossing the River" exercise.)

Those people who have already done this exercise, you may stand and observe if you'd like to.

(Debrief after exercise after team fails to complete the task)

Why were there two objections? All you need is one to kill the proposal. So why take the time for two objections.

You can amend the 5-second rule to say it's only for proposals, not for observations or clarifications, but then you'll end up with a conversation.

Proposal came up can we get our mats. Someone objected. That was a royal brain fart. What do you think those mats are for? You got caught into this. One thing you did brilliant. You recited the instructions. One guy did one. Second guy did another. You did that really well. But the rest of the group wasn't listening. They were already strategizing. If they'd been listening, then they wouldn't have asked questions and for clarifications.
You lost 50% of your time for violations. There was a whole group that wasn't thinking. Someone said let's continue even though time is up. Then why do you have a timekeeper? You're going into fragmentation of the group.
A, you brought in this doubt and brought other people with you. If you're going into unknown territory, don't start with you're going to be tricked. I don't see you doing that with elevators. Do you ever hesitate? It's a good idea actually. Why get into this whole trickery thing. Everything has a certain amount of exploration that is needed. That's no different than when you go into a restaurant and look at the menu. Then you look at it again. Then you narrow it down to a couple of things. Then you look at it again. So there is an exploration in a restaurant. Exploration is really nice. You can let it happen.
There are certain people who want things repeated repeatedly. You've got to pay attention.
You cannot bribe facilitators. This is illegal.
All the other groups do this exercise really well. In India it was the same person who figured it out. It's a really simple exercise.
You came up with the solution within a few minutes. It wasn't moving the rope. But the had the solution. If you drive 100 miles per hour on the freeway are there consequences?
(Someone proposes each person putting a 3-minute ticket on the line)
I'll take the 51-minute ticket. It's only if you fail that you have to give up your ticket.
I did mention that certain points will be subtracted and then after a certain amount of points you'll flunk.

(Addressed to the timekeeper) Please tell them it's the autokilling that's in progress here. Autogenecide. Autosuicide.

10 minutes to strategize. 15 minutes to cross. That's the only deal I'll cut.

If you were a bigger circle more people could see. Don't touch the rope.

Place them just far enough apart that other people can fit through your shoulders. And there's only one way to stand on the mat. Don't be in a rush. You have 4 seconds on each mat.

You can't volunteer a person. Out of respect you shouldn't.

You've got resources.

Where are my 51 points? Let them keep it.

I laid it all down for you told you how you could make the left and right turn, gave the exercise away. Gave it away. Couldn't have been more specific. But you had the solution. I gave it away after you figured it out. But then you went back into strategizing. I know the heat of the moment is different.

You became a leader. After you did your part, if you had just stepped back.

Be conservative There's nothing wrong with being conservative. Dark thoughts and conservative thoughts are different.

You went back into strategizing. If you had made it halfway, I could have let you go on. But I gave it away to you and you don't listen to me anymore, so I had to nail you. Then we had one brain fart and you seconded it.

It was all working. People just need to be careful. Everyone is a player, not a leader. There are two of three exercises that I find really interesting. That's one of them. (Facilitator checklist)

More than one rule was broken out there. We weren't following rules. We weren't. If you're going to start objecting to the simplest little things.

The first thing you did was right. Let's recite the rules. But other people weren't listening. When you drop out, you break the team. When you step back you break the team. The fact that it was given away and you couldn't do it is bad. And it's because you weren't following the rules.

No one listened to the timekeeper. So I suggest you get a cattle prod. Then they'll pay attention. You get a good timekeeper and then throw her away. Was anyone taking advantgsage of what she was saying? But you abdicate. She's going to stretch time for us.

Are you capable? Yes. Are you capable of following the rules? Yes. Do you follow the rules? No. And as a consequence of not following the rules you don't accomplish the task. The instructions given are mated with the rules. If you follow the rules, it will happen. If you don't follow the rules, it won't happen. Because of the sheer fact that they're going to keep blowing the whistles and a minute is going to be deducted.

Everyone has got to follow the rules. I know the whole thing came up, pick 25 smart people. We know people are smart here. It's not an issue. Last time we did the exercise someone said OK I'll pretend to be dumb. You have the resources. You just have to follow the rules. Those facilitators are smiling. They're having a field day. 51 points.

(15 minute break)

Very good. I have an exercise for you. You can put down your notepads, pens. L I S T E N. We have basically two groups here. Right? This side and that side. Two groups. The team concept hasn't kicked in yet. It's only the team that can use the rules. If someone uses the rules only on themselves then it cocoons them by themselves. They get separated from the team. The rules have to be used for the entire team.
So this group (half the team), your objective what you have to do is find five people in this group who are basically useless and fire them. Go ahead. You have ten minutes to do so from now.
It has to be real. They may not be allowed in the training.
It's just like an accountant tells you you've got to let five people go.
I've been with pilots who are really bitter because they were told could I please look at your security pass and sit down here in the lobby. They handed over their security pass and sat down and then they were told you have five minutes to clear out your desk.
The group fails to complete the task.
Can I ask you a question? If someone in this group didn't say a damn thing, what's the chance of them having the most points? If you did absolutely nothing, no risk, what are the chances you would have the most points? So you want to weed out the most valuable people, right? They took a risk, they made a mistake, but at least they took a risk.
Is that what you want to offer me, a failed team?
So it means whatever has been happening that's not right gets to continue, right? Kinda sounds like the service scene, right? Can't hurt people's feelings, right? So let's hurt M's work, let's hurt M's vision. People's feelings come foremost. Even if they are not doing anything. If you are clear on that issue, then there's no problem, is there?
I'll give you a story. You all know this person, probably. His name is Bihari Singh. In fact, he used to completely take care of me, my clothes, my food, everything. We were very very close. This is a person who was there day in day out every day. And one day when the whole family separation happened he had a court case and had to deal with it in India. So I said why are you worried, I'll take care of it. And he said, I don't think you can. He said, I think I have to go back. One day I brought him a ticket and my bank book and showed him my bank book and said this is to show you I can take care of it and it's your choice. And he chose to go. So he went to India. And other people were telling him we'll take care of it, but they were just using him. Then later he had been royally had. He came back to the west. He's been sorry. I don't any animosity against him, It's fine, but we can't engage, because he threw something away, and we can't engage because he threw something away. How far would I have gone to take care of it? I know some of the topmost lawyers in India. They shape the country. It would have been a nonissue. I feel very very strongly that when someone tries to compromise my work, I have to tolerance for it. But the system that's in place, does, tolerates it very well. The system does accommodate my wishes or my vision. It tolerates everything else. And you have just been given a proof of it. I don't know how you can tolerate it. And for how long are you going to tolerate it. The vision is greater than the sum of everybody put together. It is noble in nature, it's beautiful, it's worthy of respect, it's worthy of attaining. In fact to be a part of it, is one of the greatest privileges a human being can have. Many times I hear Wadi, and she loves K. She really loves it. She's got to practice. In our family everyone has to scoot so she can practice. She practices and she loves to hear me. And when she goes to an event she always comes back transformed, almost in a state of total hypnosis. And she loves service. She says this is what I want to do, I just want to help, I just love it. And to see that passion. And then she sees how I get compromised and she can't tolerate it. So here we are.

We're asked to do a job, ten minutes, simple. We made it so complicated. You've got it backwards. You want have a problem hiring people. You won't give it a second thought. Any volunteers? Come on. Welcome. Then one person is screwing up, known rapist, known child molester. Better not move him. Is this how we want to operate? Why are we not following the rules? Because one of the things the rules says is be conscious, right? Did you do what you did consciously? Someone came up with the idea of checking the people with the fewest tickets. And it would have accomplished exactly the opposite of what you want. On one hand you are so clear on following the rules and on the other hand you are so lame in doing it. Example: lame arm, therapist, effort you make to move your arm. Would you like to have full movement of your arm? Yes. But nothing happens. You're like the kind of person who has been standing and bitching and complaining about standing and someone brings you a chari but you don't accept it, you just want to stand and bitch and complain.

Anybody here who has seen something happen, ushering or sales or event setup or whatever that you didn't wish could be improved? That you wold like to see that changed? To see something that is bad changed. Everybody? So how many of you have seen that happen again and again? Now do you know why it hasn't changed? Now do you know why it will never change? How many days have we got left? Two days. I'm supposed to be out of here tomorrow, but I'm going to come the next day. That's all you're going to have. And then, I've asked D not to be the leader, but to head the various teams within the US, to make the impact. So in two days I'm going to be in Europe. Strategies are already in place. Teams will get formed. Aspirant teams intro teams. The gears will start turning. How many turns before it stops if it's like the situation today. We've got a real serious problem. I've had to live with it for years and years and years. Unconsciousness left and right. People saying one thing and doing another, left and right. And to complicate things worse for me, desire to do this propagation grows every day. And it's expanding worldwide faster than you can think. Philippines has ten premies and a professor. China, 112, 13, 14 aspirants. All they have is tapes. They celebrated my birthday. They love it. That's mainland China. Bombs were falling in Yugoslslavia, Belgrade, there was a video event happening every evening. There are asps who come in fishing boats from Algiers to Sardinia to watch videos. And what is our passion for the work? In theory we say I love this, I want to help, and we're more concerned about people's feelings. Could you please explain the logic behind that? I don't get it. Do you get it? But you just did it.

Very interesting situation. Now how do you know the person wouldn't be elated? Do you really want fence sitters on this team? Would you really like people on this team who don't even participate? Do you want people on this team who don't take on the ownership of what they have promised? Well? It's your turn. (The other half of the team). 10 minutes from now.

What was the unanimous criteria you used to pick those people? There were no unanimous criteria. First there's the evasion. You know you could have asked the other group questions, right? I know this is an intense exercise. You're lucky if you can follow the rules and do the exercise. Well people we're not doing so good. We're not completing our task, and we're not following the rules. What do I tell you? I've told you everything I can tell you. You should follow the rules. You know that, right? Why is it that you felt that you wanted to pas the buck along to someone else? Why was there evasion?

(A says this is a checkmate situation)

Do you all feel that? What do you feel? Go ahead. Tell him. Tell A what you feel.

Most firings happen in less than ten minutes. It's never an easy process. Usually it's just done quick and dirty because there's no easy way to do it.

Another problem we haven't licked is you can't hear each other. So each person come up and say, "Can you hear me?"

So we've just demonstrated you can hear each other. If that's what it takes to get your message across, do it.

I'm going to give you some homework.

(V gives homework)
What is preventing you from merging with the team? (one word answer)
What is preventing you from following the rules? (one word answer)

We'll do it the same way as the other exercise. If someone else has said the word, then don't repeat it. One word, not two.

We've got a long ways to go. One of the things that one of the f was saying is that there seems to be a cocky attitude but the cockiness hasn't been proven. We've got to push the envelope. Follow the rules. We've learned to lie a lot the last three days. Right now there is a lot of timidness, fear, am I going to pass, fail? When the conference is over, then it begins to shine and you realize how much you've learned. OK? Tomorrow, as you can see there's been less mercy proportionally. It's going to be less tomorrow. We've got to click with this. You know what's got to be done. You see your own weaknesses. Any training that can do that in such a short amount of time has got to be damn good. You've got to trust the training, trust the facilitators. You've got to get with the rules. There's no reason to feel Oh my God this will never change for me. If you can identify some of the weaknesses, then you can begin to change. Once you realize you're lost, that's the first step. If you don't realize you're lost, you can't find your way. Please get a good night's sleep.

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