Sibling Rivalry: Satguru Too

A Little Family Business

Big brother, Satpal

Father, Hans

Little brother, Prempal

Reminiscent of the scene in the movie 'Spartacus' where everyone but Spartacus stands up and claims to actually be him, Maharaji's oldest brother is also claiming his share of divine leadership. For Satpal Maharaj, the years spent promoting his youngest brother as Satguru, and going by the name Bal Bhawan Ji, have fallen into the catagory of 'never having happened'. Both brothers are claiming to be the true inheritor of the family's guru business, Divine Light Mission, founded by father Hans Ji Maharaj. Neither Satguru publicly refers to the other as even existing. The two remaining middle brothers have split their allegiance - the older Bhole Ji following Satpal, and Raja Ji remaining Maharaji's faithful devotee.

Satpal and wife, Mata Shri Amrita Ji

Satpal's sons

Brother Bhole Ji

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