Free Knowledge: The Rejected Aspirant

The following was sent to the newsgroup on October 19, 1997. The author explains how she was rejected as a suitable Aspirant for Maharaji's 'knowledge'.

It was an astonishing experience for me today to attend a Maharaji aspirant meeting in order to request being granted the privilege of gaining "knowledge".

I have had the satisfaction of attending meetings and watching Maharaji's videos. No demands were ever made and I did find a new ability to calm my mind. In the very beginning Maharaji said that what he has to offer is not a religion and does not conflict with any religion. I had never felt any pressure -- only a gentle promise.

That all changed today. Many hopeful aspirants had come long distances (including airplane flights) to gain this wonderful offering. But we had to endure moving from room to room as we were weeded out for not being dedicated or deserving enough. I was told that "nobody" knew me -- which translates into I had not been excited enough to talk to people and offer my time/effort. While it *felt* like a demeaning and cruel experience, we were constantly reassured that it is the "journey" that counts and not to take it as "rejection," even though some people had spent hundreds of dollars on airplane tickets and were clearly emotionally crushed.

Not rejection? Bull. More like CALCULATED rejection. What is interesting is that I always wondered why ex-premies should be so angry. As for myself, I found Maharaji's message of the heart being wise and providing fulfillment -- as opposed to the machinations of mind and a materialistic world -- extremely valid. Especially so when Maharaji skillfully invites you to go within and find your own brand of happiness which is like nobody elses. Ancient masters and wise men have said it for ages, "Know thyself." It frees the heart.

Unfortunately, Maharaji's freedom lasts only until you realize that Maharaji's real goal is that you give HIM total allegiance. The carrot he uses is granting "knowledge." Although today his instructors were suddenly saying it's a life-long process of which "knowledge" is only a part. Maharaji is more important than knowledge they told us today. Personally, I have never thought the messenger should be greater than the message, but that's exactly what you must agree to in order to receive knowledge. Knowledge is the carrot of freedom, except at the same time you're gaining freedom, you're also losing it.

In the meeting the instructor made an absolute point to have all of us repeatedly insist that we had no other religion or spirituality - explaining that that would conflict with our dedication to Maharaji. I found this to be a very important lie, because obviously many people would not have been interested if Maharaji had made it clear up front that he would accept no competing religions or affiliations. In the beginning he claimed otherwise.

Frankly, while Maharaji has always said to listen to your heart and not your mind, it wasn't my mind that objected today, but my heart. There was a distinct feeling of betrayal. This truly looks like an insidious agenda to browbeat people into a servile enough submission to "earn" the gift of knowledge by promising nothing less than total service to Maharaji.

And to top it off, you are reminded that knowledge will not make the world a better place, or give you happier relationships, or improve your health -- it merely provides a wonderful experience. (Like alcohol or drugs without the side effects)

There was other stuff I found objectionable, but I think this covers my thoughts best.

Oh, by the way, my husband pointed out that I did, after all, get knowledge today -- just not the kind I expected.

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