Documents, abstracts and helpful references

A Psychologist's View - An Austrialian psychologist looks at Maharaji
ISKON as an Addictive Organization - Interesting analysis on the dynamics at work in a cult's organization.
How People Recognize Charisma - The experience of knowledge: ecstatic merging of a separate sense of self with the Absolute
The Dark Side of Enlightenment - Sadomasochistic Aspects of the Quest for Perfection, by Daniel Shaw C.S.W.
Traumatic Abuse in Cults - An Exploration of an Unfamiliar Social Problem, by Daniel Shaw, C.S.W.
On Mysticism and Religion - Erich Fromm's humanistic view - The danger of the anthropomorphisation and idolization of the concept of God.
Is Meditation for Everyone ? - About meditation's adverse outcomes
The Kirpal Statistic - You don't need to go to an Indian guru to see, hear and feel something inside, by Prof. D. Lane.
Links - Psychology of Spiritual Movements.
Psychology - Bibliography & Suggested Reading
Ex-Followers - - Bibliography & Suggested Reading

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