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In spite of Elan Vital/DLM & Prem Rawat's attempts to avoid the press and silence critics, dozens of articles have appeared since the early days of the 'mission'. Contrast this list with the list of articles on Prem Rawat's Foundations's website, []. It's odd that none of the articles on this list are included on Prem Rawat's press page.

Court lets 'cult' gag journalist

The Australian - March 11, 2004
by Sally Jackson

LAST week scores of journalists received an email with the enticing subject line: "Cult moves to silence journalist". The bulk mail-out was done by freelance reporter John Macgregor, who in 2001 won the George Munster Award for Independent Journalism, to draw attention to his legal battle with Ivory's Rock Conference Centre Pty Ltd in Ipswich in south-east Queensland.

"I have been silenced for four months by a Supreme Court gag order gained by a religious cult I exposed," Macgregor wrote. "The only arrow I have left in my quiver is public scrutiny of this. I believe it is in the interest of all journalists that the story is covered."

Immediately, the story got complicated ....



The Three Faces of Prem Rawat

Independent Media Center - October 2003

On the 7th, 8th, and 9th of November at Raj Vidya Kender, Shahurpur, Chattarpur, New Delhi, Prem Pal Singh Rawat will reprise a role that he has been playing for nearly forty years - that of a Guru of Divinity. Settled amongst the thousands of devotees who will struggle into the nation's capital from all parts of India will be a select band of Americans, Europeans and Australians; these few will be especially expectant because in India they still have the opportunity to fete Prem Rawat as their divinely appointed Guru, something forbidden at Prem Rawat's speaking events held elsewhere in the world .... (Read the article)

Bristol Evening Post articles

Several articles appeared in the local press before and after
Prem Rawat's events in Bristol (June 14-15, 2003)

Letter to the editor;
Cynthia Gracie's letter to the Bristol Evening Post;
Church leader's warning over movement's promises :
Don't Waste Your Lives.
(Read the articles)

Glen Whitaker replies :
For those unaware of this, Glen complained to the Guardian about an article on Jonathan Cainer's devotion to Rawat, and said that Elan Vital had no connection to Divine Light Mission. When the Guardian was provided with proof that even in the UK, the people running EV had full control of all DLM's information, Glen dropped his complaint;
A journalist's view on Rawat's address at Colston Hall;
ex-followers' interviews;
The Charity Commission is investigating Elan Vital;
Someone in Bristol still cares for Rawat ...
(Read the articles)

Blinded by the Light , by John Macgregor

Good Weekend magazine, Melbourne & Sydney - August 2002

Back in 1972, John Macgregor fell under the spell of Guru Maharaji, a plump 14-year-old who promised - and for a while delivered - divine peace of mind. The former follower recalls, on the eve of Maharaji's latest Australian visit, his 28-year journey to disillusionment ...
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Perfect Master and unholy squabbles , by Mick Brown

Street Life Magazine Article - 1976

The Guru comes of age: ON DECEMBER 10, 1975 Balyogeshwar Param Hans Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj, the Guru Maharaj Ji, Satguru, Perfect Master, Dispeller of Darkness, came of age. Followers of the Guru throughout India, America, and Europe celebrated in the customary manner - with a party. The Guru himself celebrated by appointing a new board of trustees to the English branch of his Divine Light Mission, thereby foiling attempts by his mother and elder brother, Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, to gain control of the Mission and its resources in this country ... (Read the article)

DEATH OF THE SALESMAN , by Robert Scheer

Playboy magazine - June 1974

So we'll have an organization like
SDS, only God will be the Commander
in Chief.

History repeats itself . . . the first time
as tragedy and the second time as farce.

(Read the article)

I See the Light , by Ken Kelley

Penthouse magazine Article - July 1974

In which a young journalist pushes a cream pie into the face of His Divine Fatness and gets his skull cracked open by two disciples ... Tuesday, August 7, 1973, was a good day for Pat Halley. He and his comrades on Detroit's stalwart underground newspaper, the Fifth Estate, were going down to the City-County Building on a very important mission-a divine mission, you could say. Guru Maharaj Ji, the corpulent teenage avatar, had asked to be presented with the key to the city, a propaganda stunt he'd pulled off in several other towns, and a liberal do-gooder on the council had agreed to sponsor him ... (Read the article)

Who Was Maharaj Ji? , by Marjoe Gortner

OUI Magazine Article - May 1974

The world's most overweight midget. Forget him.
Just think of him as a spare tire.
"In the trunk you have a spare wheel in case one of your wheels goes flat. Just think of me as your spare wheel when you go flat." Everyone goes crazy at that.
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Godhead Hi-Jinx , by Richard Elman

Creem magazine article, March 1974

Salvation Slapstick with the Guru Maharaj Ji

"Blissed out." In the corners of the eyes a squinch. The placid glossy smiling faces I saw at the Astrodome in Houston for Millenium 73 were the lovers of God, or premies of the soi disant 15 year old Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji.
"A thousand years of peace for people who want peace." A certain high, and away look, lacking very much immediate sensual imprint, as if they had all risen briefly upward from some page of newsprint for a moment to be frozen above a very dull matte finish ....
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The Little Guru Without A Prayer - by Richard Levine

Rolling Stone Article - March 1974

When The Lord of All The Universe Played Houston.
Many are called but few show up !

In the damp late autumn of 1973 it did not take a religious fanatic in a tattered overcoat to sense that the real Kingdom lay within, things being as rotten as they were without. There was an unmistakable apocalyptic chill in the air. Corruption in Washington. Mass murders in Texas and California. UFO sightings across the South. An energy crisis that threatened to turn off the Christmas lights and slow Americans down to 55 miles per hour. Reports that the brightest comet ever recorded would soon trail orange clouds of cosmic dust over the whole land. One imagines looking through cracks in the wall at glaciers clinking outside like ice cubes in a tray ...
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Why is Guru Maharaj Ji - saying all these terrible things about God?

Penthouse 74 - By Dean Latimer

With winter at full tilt, it shouldn't hurt to take a look through the secondhand peacoats and parkas at your local Divine Sales outlet. They're bound to be absurdly cheap, marked up only minimally, if at all, from the price they were going for last summer, when their owners sacrificed them to the Guru Maharaj Ji to accumulate pradash in their quest for Divine Peace.

Pradash, you ask? Well, expressed in profane and dualistic Western terms, pradash is sort of the upward mobility the pilgrim soul acquires in its search for the Divine Light, by cutting itself loose of those material attachments that keep the poor mortal sinner chained to this unendurable life. This is very profound: by giving up your peacoat to the local Divine Sales outlet, you attain a trace of pradash to grease your chute to Eternal Tranquility, and moreover-and most marvelous!-the Divine Light Mission, Inc., likewise gains a pittance from the garment's resale to further its work in converting the heathen and establishing the Millennium of Divine Peace on this planet earth ...
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Over the Hill at 16 - by Ken Kelley

Ramparts Magazine Article - 1974

"Either Guru Maharaj Ji is for real,
or he's the biggest fraud of all time."
- Rennie Davis
Walking down the plane ramp, it suddenly hits me that this is Houston, capital of 20th Century Texas, nerve center of space exploration, and home of the Astrodome. Its builders designed this Eighth Wonder of the World as a temple for football, baseball and conventions. But its true purpose, as Rennie Davis and the others in the Divine Light Mission have proclaimed, is to be the launching pad for the 16-year-old Messiah from India. For three days it will contain the first God-in-the-Flesh in 1,973 years: Millenium '73...
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God Goes to the Astrodome - by Thorne Dreyer

Texas Monthly - January 1974

A fat 15-year-old inaugurated 1000 years of peace in Houston this fall.
Don't look now, but the people you went to college with may be following him.
The Maharaj Ji has fused the New Left and the flower children, galvanized serious college-educated young people, and promised a new era of peace. And it was all supposed to begin in Houston ...
(Read the article)

Guru Blisses Out on Synthetic Grass - by Paul Goldsmith, with Artie Traum

Crawdaddy Article - February 1974

This premie with washed-out eyes is offering a handful of rose petals to me. He's insisting I touch them, even though I'm hauling 60 pounds of equipment on my back. He's giggling constantly and pushing them under my nose. "Do you know who touched these? The Lord of the Universe." He giggles some more and wanders off slowly.
There were about three thousand people at the airport at this point. The Guru had swept through, given a quick speech and left in a flower-bedecked Rolls Royce. It was all over so fast that I was reduced to taking a photograph of his empty throne being carted off the stage surrounded by premies reaching out to kiss it...
(Read the article)

Blissing Out in Houston - New York Review of Books Article - 1973

What's Behind the 15-Year-Old Guru Maharaj Ji? - The Realist - December 1973

Guru Goons Loose - 2nd Article by the Fifth Estate Magazine - December 1973


Guru - by Frank Rose

Fusion Magazine Article - 1973

It's not really unusual for individuals to declare themselves to be God. The mental hospitals are filled with such cases, along with assorted Joan of Arcs, Napoleons and Jesuses. What is unusual is for them to have six million followers.
I first heard of the 15-year-old guru when he was 13. A friend of mine was on his way to Washington Square Park to punch the kid in the nose, but it rained and nobody showed up. It was the first time I'd ever heard of God getting rained out, but I didn't worry about it.
(Read the article)

The Guru Game - Peace which passeth all understanding.

Ramparts Magazine - July 1973

The First Word - The Editors

Mystic Politics: Refugees from the New Left. Analysis by Andrew Kopkind

Many former political activists have recently turned to spiritualism, and they are now active in a variety of mystical sects. Andrew Kopkind examines this phenomenon.

A Reader's Guide to the New Mysticism, by Joshu

Blissed Out With The Perfect Master, An investigative report by Ken Kelly

Read the serie of articles)

Pat Halley's in Good Shape - and Exotic Religious Techniques Exposed

Fifth Estate Magazine Article - 1973

Guru's Secret

Pat Halley, the Fifth Estate reporter who was savagely beaten and almost killed by two devotees of the 15-year old Guru Maharaj Ji, was released from Detroit General Hospital Aug. 21 in good condition after undergoing surgery to repair a caved-in portion of his skull.
The two assailants, 25 year old Richard Fletcher, from the United States, and 55 year old Juteswar Misra, from India, have reportedly confessed to the attack and warrants have been issued by the Detroit police. However, the two are not in police custody, even though the Divine Light Mission (the Guru's organization) issued a release to the press indicating that the two would surrender to authorities ...
(Read the article)

God Comes to Detroit - Fifth Estate Magazine, August 1973

The CREAM conspiracy

Divine Knowledge: Big Profit

The evening sun itself seems full of bliss, shining down on the tidy brick house on Boston Street. The curious and the devoted enter slowly and quietly in small groups of two or three. They stop at the door and remove their shoes and then they step onto the soft, thick carpet and into the, living room where an altar has been set up.

Shoes fill the hall closet and spill out onto the front porch. A devotee lines them up into neat little rows. So many people are here tonight. The word is spreading like the Guru said it would. And in a few weeks, He will be here too ... (Read the article)

Mr. Natural Meets The Kid
R. Crumb's 6-page comical look at Maharaji

Lord Of The Universe Video
Film documentary on Maharaji's cult

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Media Relations - Elan Vital's guidelines for handling the press

A Collection of Press cuts - from the 70's, 80's and 2000's

Whatever Happened to Guru Maharaj Ji - the Avatar of the Age ? Hinduism Today 1983

On the making of "Lord of the Universe" Video - by Deirdre Boyle - Video - The Reflexive Medium 1985

How I Was Stood Up By The Venusians - by Robert Scheer, April 1, 1997 - Los Angeles Times

The Kanguru Hop - Fall 1997 hoedown in Amaroo, Australia - Courier-Mail

Guru inspires prayer and protest - Courier-Mail September 3, 2002.

Guru goes to ground after security scare - Courier-Mail September 7, 2002.

Guru's followers flock to hear him speak & Guru - mum's the word. QLD press articles - September 2002

Campus Speaker Criticized by Ex-Devotees - The Daily Californian, April 30, 2003

"Lord of the Universe" on US tour - by Rick Ross,, May 1, 2003

India-born religious guru's organisation under probe - Inquiry launched into P. Rawat's organisation

Court rulings support sect's harassment of freelance journalist - Reporters Without Borders' article - March 2004