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"...all there is in there is pictures of Maharaji.. which you would probably not want to look at if He's not the Lord to you... Now if you are ever overwhelmed with a devotional feeling for Maharaji (again) you might need and desire to look at our pictures of Him."

Harlan Ray Cooley - webmaster of www.premie.org

Since Maharaji has formally, and finally, recognized the World Wide Web's existence by creating his own self-serving website (www.maharaji.org), Harlan Ray Cooley has teamed up with co-devotee Mary Murphy and has returned www.premie.com (also known as: www.premie.org) to the Web. He had earlier removed this site after having been pressured by representatives of Maharaji. This latest incarnation features an online chatroom, but no link back to www.ex-premie.org for some reason.

With a paranoia modeled after Maharaji's, a section of the site is password-protected. Anyone wishing to view the pictures of Maharaji that this section hides, must first apply for a password. The application (as of March 1999) requires a name, email address and this little requirement:

"Tell us a little bit about your experience with The Knowledge and Maharaji."

On March 25, 1999, "Alonzo Front" posted in our Forum about his attempts to gain access to the hidden section. He documents his exchange of email with Harlan Ray below, where it reveals the actual requirements to receive a password. [We've clipped out the chit-chat.]

Some readers might like to see these secret pictures, but may not feel particularly "overwhelmed with a devotional feeling for Maharaji" (aka, "the Lord").

For the under-devoted, a 'mole' who has access to these pictures has now placed them online for downloading. You'll find the link to his site on Roger's House of Drek.

Alonzo Front:
My_experience: I received Knowledge in Montréal Canada on december 16th 1972.

Hi …,
We are happy to see you. Please tell us something about your current experience of Knowledge and Guru Maharaji.
Thanks - Ray

Alonzo Front:
I came to a point where I don't feel like talking about it no more. Not if I need to sound like any other run-of-the-mill devotee at least. I understand you would like to verify whether or not folks whom passwords are granted to were initiated. Don't be fooled. There is enough premie-talk on the web, if anyone half-witted wanted to fool you into believing he's a premie, he could easily fool you. The point is I don't need to fool anyone. I was initiated in 1972 and lived in ashrams for years. I'm a prime-quality premie.

Think twice. If you want to grant passwords to folks who 'belong' to a certain specific mindscape, you are in contradiction. Isn't it exactly the opposite of what this experience is all about?

My telling you about my spiritual experience would have you be fooled into thinking I am 'confused' because spiritual experiences never meet expectation. This is one of the many contradictions to come with spirituality. It don't really fit what you'd expect from a blissed-out devotee. What am I to do? Be sincere and rejected or mimic premie-talk and be accepted? I chose sincerity.

Spirituality is something impossible to talk about. On that point, I agree with Jews, Buddhists, Taoists and Maharaj ji. From the moment one talks about it, it ceases being spirituality and becomes something else. It may be religion, belonging to a group, philosophy, dogma or what-not. I seldom talk about spirituality, specially not with a stranger. The thing is very intimate.

I know premies babble all the time about what they pretend is spirituality. I'm uneasy with that. At this point, if you want to reject my request for a password because I don't fit your idea of spirituality, you're proving my point. I plan on fully filling my own shoes until I kick the bucket. That means I need to distance myself from foreign ways of being.

Hello again …
Yes I am convinced that you have received Knowledge.

I don't understand why you would want to see pictures of Maharaji since you seem to want to distance yourself from Him and the other premies?

I am still wondering if you are experiencing Knowledge now? Have you 'realized' the Knowledge and now you don't need Maharaji? You have not mentioned anything about your experience, and I would love to hear about what must be an intense personal experience. I am curious.

Don't get me wrong here. I am not teasing you. I have a genuine interest in sharing this site with people who love Maharaji and the Knowledge. If you are indeed that person, let's hear you say it. Is that so hard?

I am not accusing you of anything, but we get a lot of letters form people who are now actually ex-premies. They received Knowledge and don't have anything to do with Maharaji anymore. They have abandoned practicing Knowledge every day in their lives. Many of these letters are similar to yours.. inasmuch as they outline the experience of receiving Knowledge with no need for Maharaji, Knowledge or other premies in their lives now.

Certainly doesn't matter to me if you are just an odd man out. I am a bit odd myself. Not the ordinary premie. But then we are all unique people. It's that thread of experiencing Knowledge that hooks us together as premies. I love to see other premies, makes me smile. But I live in a place where there are no premies. When I see them they have to visit or I have to go somewhere. Yes the babble sometimes seems insincere and forced, but premie company and Maharaji is still the best I've found on Earth. Sometimes my wife and kids get on my nerves too, but I never have a thought about leaving them behind either. (Vacations are always nice). I did go without premie company for a few years.. I managed to meditate a little, stayed on track no problem.. But the premie company is a plus.. big events.. the light gets brighter.. that's a fact and it feels good too. My experience of Knowledge inside me is better with premies and Maharaji in my life.

So write me back, (nameless). Maybe even tell me your name?

Alonzo Front:
My name is …. I believe there's an automatic signature on my email.

I understand - just as I thought you would - judging from my attitude, you decided I must be left out. Dandy by me. In this aspect of my life as well as most every other, I prefer not to conform to expectations and am willing to pay whatever it costs. I took the decision early on. You must understand by now that, to me is what I call 'spirituality'. I would have been happy to touch base with old friends and renew with the 'culture' of DLM, DUO, Elan Vital, Vision International. On the other hand, I feel you asked me to make a declaration of adhesion to some dogma. This, I cannot honestly do. In the old days we used to chant Arti morning and night and repeat something to the effect spirituality and dogma were contradictory with each other. We used to chant chanting was out. I bought the paradox and made that my sole dogma: there is no dogma. It is clear I don't fit-in your flock.

That being said, I do not agree Knowledge is something to be 'realized'. It is a process leading nowhere. A ride. A difficult one sometimes. I don't see society as divided between labeled folks. Pros and cons. Aspirants, premies and ex-premies. I don't buy Maharaj ji's implied divinity. You must recognize it isn't openly declared anymore, not even in private functions like Knowledge reviews. I would have liked to be granted a password but respect your decision though I think you're wrong to refuse it. It is a light sanction compared with the inquisition's for a similar sin.

Hello ....,
The stationary is nice.

Yes now I do get your name in the header but it was previously missed by me? Maybe it was because we received the mail from the forms on-line.. you have to put your name in there or we don't know it.

Well I am looking this over here and I don't think you are in need of a password.. all there is in there is pictures of Maharaji.. which you would probably not want to look at if He's not the Lord to you... Now on the other hand the part of the site where you can 'touch base with old friends and renew with the 'culture' of DLM, DUO, Elan Vital, Vision International' is wide open.. Premies are on the chat at all different hours of the day and night. You are welcome to look for your old friends there. Now if you are ever overwhelmed with a devotional feeling for Maharaji (again) you might need and desire to look at our pictures of Him.

Meanwhile, it's nice to hear from you anytime.


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