Site Policy

The purpose of this website is to provide information about Prem Rawat, his history, and his organisations, that is not available on the official pro-Prem Rawat websites.

It is not the intention that this site should prevent anyone from having Prem Rawat as their 'Master', or from practicing the meditation he teaches, only that if they do so it should be an informed decision.

Any significant information included here should be corroborated by at least one additional witness.

The webmaster of this website does not support, and disassociates this website from, any illegal or unethical action by former followers of Prem Rawat in pursuit of the purpose of this website. This includes any attempt to contact employers, clients, or business partners of any current follower, with the purpose of informing them that the follower is a cult member; and any illegal impersonation of current followers or anyone else with the purpose of discrediting Prem Rawat or the organisations that support his work. The webmaster believes that Prem Rawat's own words and his actions are sufficient to discredit him.

Anyone who identifies any inaccuracies on this site, or feels they have been unfairly maligned by the information on this site, should write to the webmaster at

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