Media Relations: Speaking No Evil

This is a copy of an Elan Vital script which instructs the premies serving as ushers at events in the correct way to handle the press. It was in use as of July 1997.

MEDIA RELATIONS: How you can help 1...2...3.

1. Please do not initiate contact with the media (either in person, by phone, letter or email), even if you disagree with something they may have written.

2. If they approach you, offer to refer representatives from the media to an Elan Vital public relations representative. Please firmly decline to answer their questions yourself. (See suggestions below.)

3 Contact a member of the Elan Vital public relations team if you see or hear of a story in the papers, on radio or TV.

National Public Representative:

Booth Dyess

(888) 902-0899 (Toll-free message service)


  • "Hello, my name is _____. And yours is...? You're with...?"


  • "I'm just a volunteer helping with these video screenings. However, I would be glad to take your card and have the public relations representative for Elan Vital get in touch with you. When would be a good time to call you?"


  • "May I have your card? I'd be glad to request that the public relations representative for Elan Vital give you a call. I'm sure that person could answer your questions."


  • "Actually, I believe his name is Booth Dyess. I don't have his phone number with me, but I'd be glad to give him a call and ask him to call you. When I call him, what would be the number and good time of day for him to call you?"


  • "His name is Booth Dyess. I can give you his phone. Or, if I may have your card (or your name, organization and phone), I will be sure to have him call you. What would be the best time for him to reach you?"


  • "I'm sorry, I'm not really informed about what you're asking. If you'd like, I could ask the public relations officer for Elan Vital to call you. That's the organization that produces the videos. When's the best time for someone to reach you?"


  • "Our video events are by invitation only and not open to the media. However, I could let you borrow an introductory video. Would that be helpful? Let me just get your name and phone and the name of your organization."

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