Malibu Residence: A Peek Behind The Walls

We've been sent pictures and one sheet of the blueprints for Maharaji's custom-built residence in Malibu California. This single print shows the lower level of the residence and the upper (?!!) level of the larger of 2 garages - along with the pool and Cabana. The print itself is 3x4-foot - and is much too large to put online.

The residence was built by premie labor, since they work very cheaply. The house that had previously stood on the land was torn down to make room for this one - yet another way money donated to Maharaji's 'mission' is wasted on and by him.

We offer it here so that those still finding it in their hearts (if not their wallets) to contribute their hard-earned money to Maharaji can see what they've bought. Enjoy it, people. You paid for it.

More details on the 'Divine Residence', including more pictures,
are available here.

If anyone has any of the other prints to this little cottage, or pictures of it, please
notify us.

Above is a closer view of the Marble Palace, taken from the public road nearby. The compound has changed radically since 1994 - at the end of the construction phase. A huge double gate with a brick or fancy stone guard shack has been located way down the road from the original gate and road spur, Rambla del Orto, that goes from Anacapa View Drive. Thus, the entire community of at least a dozen or more homes are now in the protected and secured confines of the Lord of the Universe.

It also looks like the driveway or Rambla del Orto spur has been shoved to the left by a considerable distance from it's original location. It looks like God's Gatehouse is a very substantial structure (see other picture). Thus, there are two gatehouses, and it's quite a fortress. The property is ringed with fences with huge No Trespassing signs.

Highlife Highlights

The master bedroom (1) has a divider (not shown) that separates the room from the double doors that lead into it from the hallway. The convex wall is comprised of 6 exterior doors that lower into the floor. Also featured are a fireplace and a movable divider that returns to 2 pockets in the walls when not closing off the main portion of the room from the windowed wall.

The ample His and Hers bathrooms adjoining the master bedroom also have fireplaces, and (apparently) sections of glass brick to allow in the sunlight. The plan gives no detail on the fixtures to be installed, but an earlier jet (Boeing 707) that Maharaji owned sported gold fixtures. Porcelain would definitely be out of place here.

The other 4 bedrooms on this level each have fireplace, a private bathroom, glass brick, and a 7-foot patio door that opens completely when the sliding panels are slipped into a pocket in the wall.

The office (6) has a fireplace and a half-bath.

The massage room (16) also contains an 8x5-foot sauna, a half-bath with shower, and a storage room under the stairs which lead to the upper level from the Pool Corridor (20).

The drawing shows the larger of the 2 garages to be large enough to hold 9 cars (based on the size of the 3-car garage), but also refers to it as being the upper level of the garage. Exactly what is below this isn't indicated, but the steps in the Reception area (21) lead down to it.

The 4 exterior doors opening off of the Pool Corridor (20) are left- and right-hand pocket doors that recess completely into the walls when opened.

Drawing Details


1 - Master Bedroom, His/Her Baths, Storage

2 - Bedroom #3, Bath

3 - Bedroom #2, Bath, Office, Laundry

4 - Bedroom #4, Bath

5 - Bedroom #5, Bath, Exercise, Sauna, Cabana

6 - Pool Corridor, Pool, Pantry, 3-Car Garage

7 - Motor Court, 9-Car Garage, Reception, Office

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