John Macgregor
one of Maharaji's former organisers,
speaks out

Originally posting on the forum as "Pam", John Macgregor's accounts of his 28 years as a premie are recommended reading for anyone interested in knowing the truth about Maharaji. John set up the legal structure of Divine Light Mission/Elan Vital in Australia, has done extensive organising work for EV since 1972, and has also spent significant time with Maharaji personally.

John is a freelance Australian journalist, and he won the 2001 George Munster Award for Independent Journalism from the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (ACIJ) at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

His first post on the forum, entitled "My Memoirs", appeared on 12th October, 2001, and was dismissed by premies as a fabrication. Read it here.

In his second post, entitled "The Second Coming", posted on 5th November, 2001, he responds to his critics and adds further details of how Maharaji and EV operate. Read it here.

John's third post, entitled "Mind Fuck (Maharaji's Trainings)", was posted on 16th November 2001, and discusses recent "training" sessions conducted by Maharaji. Read it here.

Only John's main posts are included here. To read the full debate his posts initiated on the forum, including his critics' responses, go to the forum archives for the relevant dates.

In September 2002, one month after the publication of his article by the Australian press, John Macgregor published the following article on the Ex-premie forum. (What appeared in the press was edited from a longer version for publication. The original, uncut, version appears here.)

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