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The Elan Vital/Divine Light Mission Papers
Very highly recommended. This web site has been compiled by J. M. Kahn, a former EV initiator. It documents the Indian background of Elan Vital, Maharaji's present organization. Also contains much revealing information about what took place in Maharaji's former organization, Divine Light Mission, during the 1970's and 1980's.
NOTE: The content of the EV/DLM Papers are now being hosted on this website. Maharaji wants to prevent people from reading the content of those pages, and has moved against the server which was previously hosting the material. To read J. M.'s account of what happened, click here.
A website established by several of Maharaji's devotees. Requires a browser capable of supporting frames in order to read, and - more importantly - politically correct views in order to contribute.
It Ain't So
Pia Grunbaum decided to host this web site "because Maharaji and the people who enjoy his Knowledge are being cynically attacked by a hate group". Subsequent to her sad death, the domain registration lapsed, and the site no longer exists.
What's Up With These People? One more premie trying to counter the "Critics". 
"Information about Maharaji and his message".
Recently risen from the ashes of obedience to Maharaji's earlier pressure for them to fold. This site now contains an password protected online chatroom, and an area that is password-protected to prevent the under-devoted from viewing the pictures of Maharaji that it contains. [See Devotion Is All.]
Paranoid beyond belief, Maharaji has finally stepped onto the Web with this cookie-laden site. His personal account ('Journey') of his life is filled with the airy fluff that devotees have learned to thrive on in the absence of any real honest content.

In a world where Truth is free, but anything less must be guarded, Maharaji places a very high value on personal accountability - from everyone other than himself. Before you can browse his online monument to divine paranoia, you must first agree to his bizarre legal requirements - including having your personal computer marked with a personal identity number (cookie). Excerpted from his legalese:

You are responsible for the confidentiality and use of your ID number, and agree to notify us immediately if you become aware of (i) any loss or theft of your ID number, (ii) loss or theft of your computer, or (iii) any unauthorized use of your ID number.

[The above description of Maharaji's website refered to an earlier version that has since been replaced. The description, and the quote from the site terms are left here for historical interest.]

The Great Worldwide Linkup
New and useful site desiged to allow people to re-establish contact with old friends from EV/DLM. Accepts posts/messages from both current and ex- devotees.
The (unofficial) Homepage of Maharaji
Very unofficial homepage. The site Maharaji should have put online.

Indian Religious Information

Krishnamurti's resignation speech
Krishnamurti had a similar upbringing to Maharaji, in that he was raised to believe that he was divine. This transcript of his resignation speech is a moving and articulate document. Bob Mishler, former president of Divine Light Mission, said in his interview that Maharaji considered resignation at one point but pulled back because of the financial implications . Krishnamurti had the strength of character to realise that money should not be the main consideration.
The Neural Surfer
Use Dr. David Christopher Lane's comprehensive web site to discover more about the lineage of Indian 'satgurus' - including Maharaji's father's guru, Sarup Anand. The Master Directory of the site contains links to information regarding the Indian roots of the Radhasoami Tradition, and Who's Who in Sant Mat.
Shri Nangli Sahib
Thee True Spiritual Heritage of Prempal Rawat. Shri Dada Guru & Swarupanand's other heirs.
"A website devoted to the preservation of Kryia Yoga, as taught by Yogiraj Sri Sri Lahiri Mahasay and his eminent disciples." Lots of details on the practice of Kriya yoga, including 'Kechari Mudra', the 4th of the meditation techniques taught by Prempal Rawat.
The "Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga and the path of Divine Love to Godrealization". Lots of details on the practice of Kriya Yoga, including 'Kechari Mudra', and other meditation techniques taught by Prempal Rawat.
Radhasoami / Sant Mat gurus and groups

Misc. ex-Cult Support Sites

Radhasoami Satsang, Beas
According to this site's webmaster, Radhasoami Satsang is the largest cult in the USA and 90% of Radhasoami people ("Satsangis") are Beas initiates. Currently, this site represents the only opposing group providing information on the cult. This site is for recovering members of that particular cult
Ex-cult Archive
A great database of modern-day cults plus a link-listing of just about every cult with a presence on the Internet (both for and against).
reFOCUS Network
Short for Recovering Former Cultists Support Network. The title says it all.
John Knapp's site boasts '6000 pages of unfiltered information' on every cult under the sun, including a FAQ page for anyone worried about relatives slipping under the control of a cult.
The Psychology of Spiritual Movements
A highly professional study of cults in general, and of the psychological dynamics that many of them have in common.
Cult Awareness & Information Centre
Created by Australian Jan Groenveld with a number of good links.
Resource Center for Freedom of Mind
Ex-Moonie Steve Hassan's site contains some good information on how cults are established, and how their follows are indoctrinated.
Cult Encounter
This site has been designed to sell the book "Cult Encounter and an International Story of Exit Counselling". The cult in question is the "Extraterrestial Earth Mission", led by an equally grand master called DraKar.
BORG Observer
Examining both The Watchtower B-rooklyn ORG-anization and The B-ritt ORG-anization. Several anti-websites on the Watchtower/Jehovah's Witnesses and Amway/Britt organization.
Church of Scientology
A comprehensive listing of over 100 anti-Scientology web pages. They also have a newsgroup.
Rick Ross
Rick has created a wonderfully designed site which covers subjects ranging from 'the Perils of Amway' to satanic cults, and includes a close-up of Scientology.
The Skeptic's Dictionary
A collection of essays to counter-balance an over-willingness to believe: "How can an otherwise sane individual become so enamored of a fantasy, an imposture, that even after it's exposed in the bright light of day he still clings to it--indeed, clings to it all the harder?"
The Avatar Imposter
Sathya Sai Baba exposed
"The most dangerous lie is that which most closely resembles the truth..."
Sathya Sai Victims
"This is a website that seeks to bring to any interested reader, several aspects of Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, India, that were not known generally to the public previously...
The only purpose of this website is to document the experiences that several long time followers of Sathya Sai Baba have had with him, which could be described as completely in contradiction to what Sathya Sai Baba publicly professes to be..."
The Leaving-Nityananda-Institute website
"Managed by former members of the Nityananda Institute (N.I.) and their families and friends. Across the years, former students of Swami Chetanananda (SC), Abbot of the Nityananda Institute and Rudrananda Ashram, have helped one another recover from various levels of betrayal and abuse sustained while inside the Nityananda Institute and in the process of leaving that group.
Swami Chetanananda teaches that it is wrong to break connections with the guru. He ridicules, denounces and threatens students who leave him and speak openly about their experiences with him. Even so, more than seventy members of the Institute severed their connections to Swami Chetanananda between 1994 and 2000. This constitutes nearly half of the average active membership of the group..."
John D. Goldhammer's website
"We live in a dangerous world, a world caught in the midst of often deadly group dynamics. Whether a religious cult, a country, a corporation, or a terrorist organization, destructive groups display a stunning set of similar characteristics. This book explains cults, cult-like groups, group dynamics, and group psychology from a unique, depth psychology perspective. It looks at how different types of groups—religious, political, self-help, community, business, and others become dysfunctional and destructive for individuals, for society, and for our environment. .."

Ex-premies Websites

The definitive Complete Works of Larkin......
Originally posted on the online Forum at
Tim Goulding Music
Tim, for those who don't know, was (is?) a member of the famous (?) Irish group, Dr. Strangely Strange. Anyway, this is his music site.
Anthony Ginn's Poetry Collection; Poets Against the War
The first site is Anth Ginn's personal poetry site containing several volumes of poetry for your entertainment and amusement.
Anth organised the second site to use poetry to protest against the 2003 Iraq War. As Anth well knows his political views are not necessarily those of the webmaster of this site!
Anthony Ginn's Cult Wars Site.
How he got into a cult, how he got out, what his enemies wrote about him, and other interesting titbits.
Unholy Trinity
Protests against a false messiah, by John Tucker.
Sacred Transformations
Bob Manrodt's website. Personal Stories of Spiritual Emergence, Visions, Awakenings, and Their Effects on People's Lives.
Roger's House of Maharaji Drek
Quirky Trivia Relating to Maharaji. "You've been on the operating table just long enough to realize that the patient is you." (Maharaji, date unknown)
Mike Finch's website
Mike Finch, who was one of the first western followers of Maharaji, and had been loyal to Maharaji for over 30 years, has now written of his
experiences with Maharaji on his own website. This includes his open letter to Maharaji.

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