Journeys: Trent

Date: February 28, 2000
Email: None

I travelled to India in 1970 and received knowledge at Prem Nagar from Mahatma Dianand. I simply stumbled upon the place while traveling around India, searching for... They asked me to turn in my hashish and refrain from having sex while there. I ate wonderful small potatoes, picked roses in the garden, strolled the banks of the Ganges, and generally had a wonderful time... although it was difficult to keep concentrated on the "word" while Star and Moonglow fucked in their room.

I had no idea who the Guru was until he showed up one day in a Mercedes and everyone went down screaming and yelling and kissing his feet, etc.

I stayed several months and then went down South and landed in Goa with some ex-premiees. We drank beer, smoked hash with a Catholic Priest, ate lobster and shark and had a wonderful time.

Like all of us, Guru Marajahi, (Dai shtachand) is part and parcel of this mystery we all live in and embrace. Frankly, after all of this time, I have come to understand that God does not need us to worship,obey, patronize, or even love him/her. God does not NEED anything. God does not REQUIRE ANYTHING. We can all do exactly what we please to do, and if we do it so that it really PLEASES us, then I am certain that God will be pleased as well. And, we (you and I) are the only ones that know precisely what pleases us. Right.

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