Journeys: Sofi

Date: September 4, 1999
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It was in 1990 when I received knowledge. I was an Orthodox Christian but I had lost faith when I was studying for the department of Philosophy in the University. For years I was in a desperate position. In 1984 I was divorced and got more unhappy. Until 1986 when I met marijuana. I started smoking like crazy. At last! Something was helping me to get happier or at least forget the misery of my life working not as a teacher, as I was hoping getting my University diploma but in a bank.

It was the first time then that I came in touch of eastern philosophy. In 1987 my brother met a girl who was a student of Maharaji since 1974. She told us how beautiful is knowledge, etc. I went to hear him but I found at least naive his sayings.

In Decemeber 1989, after a small illness, being in my brother's house I first read Castaneda. I was amazed. I started reading his books with much attention. Then I got out of my mind for 15 days. My parents took me to psychiatric help. Then I realised that I was needing a living master, like Castaneda.

So in March 1990 I became an aspirant and I thought I was very lucky because the events were almost every day because Maharaji would be come in my country in July to give knowledge! It was the first time I had friends of my own. Friends that had the same preferences in philosophical quest as I had. I was very happy and got happier when I received knowledge from Maharaji himself in a luxurious hotel of my town. All kept telling me how fortunate I was to get knowledge from him himself! So I started practicing because I was decided to give knowledge a "fair chance". Like T.D., I was awake in 5.30 p.m. practicing knowledge for an hour.

In the same time I was introduced to Tai Chi and also a centre of self discovery that later I found that it was dominated by Sai Baba. Also I was introduced in the books of Osho that I found more than interesting, in Reiki therapy. I discovdered I Ching and kept asking it as well as the Tarot of Osho.My personal life was a misery still but knowledge was so promising and I was certain that my misery came from the ignorance of myself.

Three years passed. I was making the techniques every day at least one hour but when I had time three, four and even sometimes five hours per day. In 1993 I was convinced that I could find the ultimate with my body. So I left my job, I left my family without any news and began the journey for the truth, free now. "Maharaji helped me find my freedom", I was saying.

I ended up in a psychiatric clinic in January 1994 and remain there for 20 days.When I got out I could no more be alone as all these years after my divorce, so I went live with my parents. I was in pills and could not even speak. I was walking like a robot. In October the therapist allowed me to cut the pills. In December I went in the event of Maharaji in Long Beach. I found it an extra experience and was very happy. My brother who is lawyer helped me to get back to my job and so in April 1995 I went for the third time to the event of India where I met my current husband. "Maharaji gave me even my companion", I thought and was totally happy.

But in November 1995 my husband told me that he had understood that Maharaji was a liar and so for two years we were in fighting. He told me also about the book "The Last Universal Dictator", of Dwight Kinman and the conspiracy of New Age, New Order, New Era, etc. I stopped to go to the events and also to practice the techniques, but inside me I was not believing him even when he saw me the ex-premie organisation site.

Then December last year, the miracle happened. I read a book of a Saint Father, Father Paisios. I prayed to the Holy Ghost to give me a proof if Maharaji is one of the members of the Antichrist. I opened the book "The Gift" that I had bought in the Indian bajaar into his indian ashram and there, in the begging I saw that all the telephones begin with the number of the Antichrist.

From that day I found out that the techniques that Maharaji gives are luciferian techniques and that Maharaji is one of the feet of the big octopus of New Age. Now I confessed and hope that Lord Jesus would accept me with Him.

I wish all of you who read this and are still in one of this traps understand the Truth before it's too late. Lord Jesus may be with us. Amen

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