Journeys: Sir David

Date: April 8, 1998

Rather than write an account of my life as a devotee, I would simply like to relate my thoughts that I wrote when it finally dawned on me that I'd been misled by Maharaji into believing that he was the Lord, God incarnate and the Saviour of Mankind. This really says it all...

It is not a joy coming to the conclusion that Maharaji, The King of Kings, Lord of Hosts, Lord of the Universe, The Almighty God in human form, The Lord of Love, Protector of the Weary and the Weak, The Saviour of Mankind, The Second Coming, My Mother, Father, Brother and Friend, my All to me.

It is not a joy coming to the conclusion that Maharaji is NOT all of the above. For those of us who gave our hearts, For those of us who tried Sincerely to devote ourselves, Believing that he was the Lord. For those who wept the tears of love For one we saw as God, For those of us who wanted To tear out our very heart And place it at his lotus feet Because he was the perfect one, Most radiant, most blessed God of Love in human form.

For us, there is an empty space, A shattered dream to come. Where is our Lord this darkened night? Where fall His footsteps in our world, What hope our friends to give? Pray God please help us all.

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