Journeys: George Satory

Date: October 1, 2000

Dear brothers and sisters

I have just spent the last few hours reading your website, including some of Bob Mishler's interview. It has actually been several decades since I have spoken to any premies or former premies, but even after all this time I still find myself occasionally meditating in one of the old techniques. In quiet moments, I find "THE WORD" rising and falling on my breath, but I don't actually sit in meditation.

I first saw Maharaji at the Glastonbury Festival in England in 1971. Although I attended a few satsangs at the time, I did not get involved until the following year in Toronto. I received knowledge from Mahatma Fakiranand in early 1972. I joined the ashram shortly after, but circustances took me back to England. It was with premies from Bristol, England that I went to India that year.

After moving back to Toronto, I lived in a variety of premie houses, attending satsang nightly and doing as much service as I could find. As you probably know, premie houses were only a step below the ashrams, and we mostly maintained the same chaste environment that was kept up in the ashrams. So in my early twenties, when I should have been discoving myself socially and sexually, and perhaps establishing a career and a family, I spent all of my energies travelling around North America following Maharajji around. Mostly, I drove a taxi in Toronto for a living as this kind of work does not require any commitment to an employer. It was hard to keep a job because of all the travelling that we did.

In 1975, I began to see that I was in fact getting older, and taxi driving was not a long term career goal. With this in mind, I went back to University. I still went to a few festivals, but pretty well stopped attending by 1978. It was not a concious decision to stop attending satsang. My studies simply required me to spend my energies at school. And slowly I just wandered away. Having read about the chaos and the confusion at DLM on your website, I am grateful that I missed it.

Today I am married with three children and a wonderful wife, who is often amused by some of the stories I tell her about premie life. I have to emphasise that although being a premie stunted my personal growth in some ways, also helped me grow in many others. I have far greater spiritual understanding than I would have without Knowledge. I also met some very wonderful, sincere, beautiful people who have enriched my life and am sorry to have lost contact with.

I want to thank you for this opportunity to retell my history, however briefly, and would be interested in hearing from other ex-premies.

George Satory

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