Journeys: Reedo

Date: November 27, 2005
Email: reedo{at}

I found this site and saw a question about a premie band Jiva. I'm the drummer and I never had trouble with GMJ. Jiva was outside of the comunity and GMJ liked it. When an ashram premie asked him "what if she wanted to stay out late or smoke a joint? and he said " go live with the Jiva's. She did and house vote let her. Thats when I moved out.

As for Jiva, Lanning is in NY working and is on the road with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Hilton is a producer in Woodland Hills, Strauss is producer/director/writer in LA. Pearsal is working with Tom Hiltons nephew, Tyler Hilton, Haulter is playing Keyboards in Burbank and I'm playing more percussion than drums in Winon, Mn.

So I write this because the GMJ trip was what you made it. We used it as a reason to do road trips. Others gave it the same BS as any religion. Cult? Come on, they're all cults.


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