Journeys: Tom Reece

Date: February 19, 2000

I saw the light. I'll tell you that much. It was like being back in the womb of my mother. No drugs, no booze, it was incredible.

And then the urging of the giving I think 20 per cent of my check, eating this vegetarian back yard grass with dirt (we did not have the best cook)m and living with fifteen to twenty people.

It was intense and I was eighteen years old. Now I'm 43 cruising the web and I punched in Divine Light Mission and all this comes up.

Well, like lovers do, we remember what drawed us to it and we remember why we walked away. I think it's a riot though about all the disputes are on "the light". I went higher and higher into it, and at the same time it was falling all around me. It was a light that drenched you and I'm confident that when I pass away some day.... I'll see it again.

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