Journeys: Steve Quint

Date: March 2, 2001

I was nineteen in 1972 when I saw a poster in my school with maha's picture on it. I went to a program where I expected the maha to be speaking based on the advertising, and got Fakiranand. He was wearing a saffron robe, as was a Hare Krishna devotee in the audience who got up during his speach and started taking exception to Fakiranand's interpretation of the Gita. Fakiranand got up into the audience, which was my sister's high school auditorium, and people in the audience started laughing and crying. The program was aborted, but I made a mental note to check this out some time in the future. I also made a mental note when the lights started flickering and read in the next day's newspaper that a large power failure occurred in the entire west side of Montreal, the failing transformer being accross the street from the high school.

A few months later I was in a friend's living room waiting for my friend's older brother who was supposed to cut my long hair so I could get a job. I wanted money to go to India to find the perfect master, or Satguru so I could find peace, contentment, etc. - I had read a lot of books. My friend's younger brother came in with a friend of his - the two of them had received "knowledge" and gave me the address of the ashram so I could too. I did get the hair cut and did go to the ashram where I encountered Mahatma Krishnasukanand. I experienced there what I considered cosmic coincidences and experiences and concluded that the head of this organization, Maharaji, must be cosmic and real.

In 1977 I had not received knowledge or kept close contact with the ashrams, but wanted to meet Maharaji to clear up confusion. I found out from my sister that Maharaji was going to be coming to Montreal soon - another cosmic coincidence so I thought.

I was pacing my house for a few days before he came - there was a lot of nervous energy. I was sitting at the back of the Montreal Forum the first night of Peace Flight in April 1977 and started sobbing when Maharaji walked on stage - dissipating the nervous energy and leaving me with a peaceful feeling inside - cosmis I thought again.

Over the years I think I attended more local events than anyone else in my region, prompted by memories such as the ones I've just mentioned and hoping to some day "realize knowledge". So how did I end up in these web pages cricizing Maharaji? I don't know - two years ago something told me that the whole thing was a monumental fraud. I'm still sorting out what all happened - maybe trying from this perspective will help. I intend to fill in more details later.

Regards To All,


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