Journeys: Paul Richards

Date: November 26, 2001

Jai Sat Chit Anand all ex-premies! I received K in 1975 after many soul searching years. I was literally blissed out with M and could hardly contain my desire for darshan and realisation (which he did promise). However after many years of practice Satsang, Service and Meditation I began to realise that M is not all he professed to be.

I found myself unable to discuss ANY topic with non-premies apart from propagation of K. I began to feel that I was in fact in a state not of bliss, but ISOLATION.

Ms tapes and videos and promises of visits to England became my whole lifes purpose and raison d'etre. I had previously experimented with LSD and other psychedelic substances and felt that even though I was practising fervently, the Light, Music, and Nectar were not a GIFT from Maharaji but an inherent part of ME! A favourite mantra of Ms was "Let us make potentiality actuality" so I did.

My Realisation came as a bolt out of the blue. I had potential already. Satsang only served to shut me up! We are ALL sentient beings on this planet searching for our own Inner KNOWLEDGE. No one person has the right to say that they are the sole purveyors of this Knowledge which is what M and his well-heeled Mahatmas were intending to do. I am now out of DLM or EV or whatever other name this crazy cult comes up with and I am blissfully happy in the knowledge that M will have no more of my devotional service.

To all premies and ex-premies I leave this message - "Know Thyself". Dont be fooled by leaders who proclaim the divine right to know you better than you know yourselves. You are unique,wonderful FREE souls.

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