Journeys: Dennis Marcellino

Date: February 5, 1999

Actually, when I first became a premie it was a very welcome relief to the disco club scene and music business that I was in. It was a beautiful experience to find a group of people who only cared about truth, purity, peace, love and being high naturally... all of which were the initial ideals of the hippie movement (at least the organic, spiritual side). We together were discovering love as a beautiful alternative to stress, greed, dysfunction and competition.

And when I received knowledge and practiced it, I was overwhelmed by the beauty and wisdom of what naturally existed inside. The ways of the world began revealing how ugly and out of tune with nature they really were. Unfortunately, the error of the premie (and hippie) movements were the same: they revered the high of experience of God, but didn't understand His ways.

Well I ended up finding both in Jesus... not necessarily in the Christian community, but definitely in the experience and teachings of Jesus (as well as the rest of the Bible). We shouldn't downplay the beauty of the inspiration and efforts that made us Premies. It's just that DLM wasn't a completely mature entity in that it lacked an understanding of holiness (i.e. how we were designed to function). So it made us look elsewhere.

But thank God (literally) that He is perfect and He left us a book that explained perfection to us. Anyone who has spent a lot of time meditating will find a lot of validating of their experiences in the Bible (e.g. the inner fountain of living water that Jesus spoke about). It's sad to see that such a big movement of very inspired people doesn't exist anymore (DLM), but perhaps it will happen again, only on a much more mature level.

I'm trying to kindle and rekindle that inspiration in people with a book that I've written, "Why Are We Here?". You can see it on my website ( or in a bookstore.

Personally, I wouldn't want to live life without the love or perfection of God. Now it would be nice to spread it once again.

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