Journeys: Judith

Date: July 2, 1998
Email: None

In the mid 90's I listened to Maharaji's message for several years and practiced knowledge faithfully for 18 months. I heard about Knowledge when I was having a very bad time in my life and was losing my trust in other people and most of all in my self. I ended up placing my trust in Maharaji and was even more distressed when I found the Forum and learnt that this so called perfect master was not all he was made out to be.

In addition, I had to be honest with myself that practising knowledge had never given me the joy, peace and bliss I was led to believe it would. And in my life I was becoming more isolated, unhappy and in poverty than I have ever been in my life, even when I had a drug problem.

Since leaving Knowledge I have had excellent psychotherapy treatment and cannot believe the depth of grief and feelings of worthlessness I have uncovered in myself, and let go of.

Please, love yourself and never place your faith in anyone who you don't even know. Don't believe in myths and promises. Find yourself and you will find the truth, but it will be no-one else's it will be your own and it will feel good. It may even hurt to find it but you won't have a syrupy smile on your face, believe me!

A good, caring therapist has made all the difference to my life and I highly recommend therapy for anyone who discovers to their shock, and then fear and depression, as I did, that they are in a cult.

You can leave and you can grow and you can be happy. I did.

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