Journeys: William O. West

Date: March 18, 1997

Howdy folks:

I was living near Detroit in 1973 when GMJ got hit in the face with a shaving cream pie. Premies who were present at the incident were full of Goomrodgie is SO beautiful. He wiped the pie off his face, without getting a drop on his clothes. It was SO perfect. Yeah, right.

The local underground press claimed that the pie hit him full in the chest. Someone was lying, most likely the press.

Later, one of the Mahatmas, with a premie along as an assistant, pretending to be a former devotee of the Guru's father conned the reporter into agreeing to receive the knowledge, and splintered his skull with something like a blackjack as he sat there, thinking, at first, that he was being initiated. He ran, screaming, into the hall, to escape.

A premie friend, Kathy Yoder, said she ran into the reporter somewhere, and he wasn't too happy with the guru. He died, shortly thereafter however, of a brain hemorrhage, almost certainly caused by the beating.

Richard what's-his-name, the main premie in Detroit, went to the police and told them that he could tum in the devotee who did the murder, but the police said that they didn't like those communists at the newspaper, and that they did like the premies and that they didn't care who did it.

Coming down to Millenium '73, according to press reports AFTER the mothership Rennie Davis had promised FAILED to cart the Astrodome and 144,000 premies inside off the planet (we were about 132,000 short) and earthquakes FAILED to destroy New York City.

The Guru's business manager was charged, by the FTC, with selling shares in a shell corporation. Good thinking. If the world had ended on time, he never would have been indicted. There are all kinds of ways of being crazy.

Best way is to be crazy for God. I believe that was attributed to Mahatma Fakiranand, but you may have more accurate information. My late father's watch and a number of other personal items were stolen from me by other premies to raise money for the cause.

Much was done that was illegal in that crazy environment.

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