Journeys: David C. Wimert

Date: March 17, 1997

Dear ex-Premie Ji's:

Greetings from the People's Republic of Boulder which is nestled between the Rockies and Reality.

Give Me the Reins to Your Life and I will Give you Peace remember that?

I was trolling the Net and found this page. I was surprised, to say the least. For me, knowledge was everything. Knowledge was my whole life. As I remember, it was after he got rid of the ashrams and the community centers was when things started falling apart.

What happened? Nobody seems to know. For some reason, I thought that in the end....Guru's grace would make it all work. But it didn't and life moves on. I really felt a strong connection to gmj and I'd had some very incredible experiences around him. But a guru has got to do more than just talk the talk...Everyone must be responsible for their actions and gmj must account for his own. But he sure has done well for himself considering that he didn't finish the ninth grade!

I've met many people in Boulder who had gurus and are ex-whatevers. They all seem to experience a lack of closure on that period of their lives. I know that I do. For many years, I've made a point of staying away from premies.

Meditation- I still do it. Is it better than someone else's technique(s). Probably not but it works. Any kind of meditation is better than no meditation. I used to have some awesome meditations and loved to see that light. Now I just sit. I don't care if I see anything.

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