Journeys: Robyn D'Anna

Date: February 4, 1998

I became aware of DLM in 1973 and was quickly caught up in the experience of meditation. Whatever else, I can't deny the power of that experience. I was 18 and didn't carry the responsibilities that I now do, and found the flow into the alternative lifestyle easy. I gained a lot thru the meditation, the evolution of the experience itself through the techniques and the calmness and feelings of love they generated.

I was never reconciled with Guru M. as God. I went to Miami to see him on many occasions and always got a lot from being there, and did spend the better part of a day in line to kiss his feet but just did it because it was the thing to do and knew that I was not buying that part of the experience.

I guess because of that I have not felt personally swindled because, although I haven't been able to get back into the practice of the meditation on a regular basis, I have tried because I believe that it would still be beneficial. I think the thing that kept me from buying the god thing was my Catholic upbringing by a religious but violent mother. So I knew there were good things in spiritual persuit that were valuable even if a human being made it look bad.

I am curious about his wife and, at my last information, 2 children and would like an update if anyone knows. My oldest daughter's father is the brother-in-law to Jim Hession who was up there in DLM until they left the organization, but we are not in close contact and have never asked him the question directly.

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