Journeys: Scott Perry

Date: March 13, 1997

Greetings and 'Jai Sat Chit Anand':

Since leaving the DLM I have had many adventures along this path called 'life'. Some of the highlights along the way were a trip to India and the Himalayas shortly after leaving GMJ in search of another guru. (During that trip, it just so happened that the one guru whom I asked if I could become his disciple told me that my 'path' was to go back to the US and be more 'normal'); another highlight was a stint in Fiji with the US Peace Corps; and still another highlight was a two year stint as a catholic Jesuit seminarian in Detroit, Michigan.

I am currently a practicing Quaker, (a Society that believes in the inner light, for more information about Quakerism, click on: Facts About Friends.), am a student of an independent spiritual study course which you may have already heard about called 'A Course in Miracles' and and operate a small manufacturing business in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

During the last 15 years since I left the DLM, I have financially experienced some very good and some very bad times. Immediately after leaving the ashram and GMJ in 1981 I experienced the best financial times of my life. I am currently doing 'fair to middlin' as far as finances go and am near the end of my first year of running a manufacturing business full time.

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