Journeys: Sean O'Grady

Date: March 13, 1997
Email: seanogee{at}
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I met MJ in 1972. I practised as well as I could. Lived in ashrams, premie houses, etc. for five years in South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Denver. I left in 1977 when I couldn't rationalize the bullshit anymore. Stayed drunk for a month. I didn't really let go until this forum started. This site helped me to start to exorcise some of the demons. I've run into quite a few active premies and aspirants over the years, in the US and overseas. I got some pretty violent responses from followers of the Prince of Peace when I showed unbelief or disinterest. Overall it was a waste of life and only served to slow my own maturity. These days I am finally feeling free and some genuine peace. M is very destructive. I often wonder where I would be if I had just not done it.

Saoirse, Freedom

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