Journeys: Malibu Mole

Date: August 10, 1997
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[Editor's Note: This entry was submitted by someone close to Maharaji who wishes to remain anonymous.]

I don't have an axe to grind here. However, I feel that what started as a mixture of the traditional path of god realization addressed by Babaji, Yogananda, et al, and the second coming of Christ, has sort of morphed into the "worst of both worlds"; a personality cult going absolutely nowhere.

The emphasis is firmly on the giving of power by the "student-devotee" to the master. Somehow the original marketing of Lord of the Universe, has like the" borg" in a Star-Trek adventure, returned more insidiously than ever before. Currently, the last 3 years have brought the disturbing reappearance of the 70's music and all-powerful persona ("Remember me at the moment of death").

Introducing a sincere seeker of truth to this movement at this juncture would make me feel like a party to a fraud, in the respect that they are receiving a guru trip packaged with some impressive "state of the art technology".

The voyage to our common creator is a joyous internal inter-dimensional journey, and the guru trip is there more to support the teacher than the student, especially, as in this case, the emperor is wearing quite invisible clothes. Others give the same Knowledge ­ and without the servitude!

Not that I disagree that the current set-up makes for a great religion, but I just entered this when Maharaji was saying you are receiving this knowledge, not me. There is an enormous, all-pervading core concept in this that Maharaji is the Lord, or a Superior Being, and for anyone in or around this for more than a few years, this has sunk in to a cellular level. Which I guess is the sign of an effective religion.

It's just that Maharaji originally marketed himself as an antidote to religion, and conceptual thought. Instead, he has become a one-stop-serves-all substitute to both. Luckily some events had me reassess things, and I woke up. So when the choice in my experience came between god and guru , I chose the former.

My motivation in adding this information to your web pages , is that I feel the support info from other perspectives is excellent and should provide the opportunity for vintage and new seekers to get some perspective on what they are involved with. However a lot of the web page info is dated and I don't want that obvious lack to turn potential readers off. Most long timers have too much invested in the religion and lifestyle to critically examine their lives. However, this web site can serve that end, or at least offer that possibility.

I am pro freedom and the growth of consciousness, I'm not particularly anti anything, except ignorance. G

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