Journeys: Max Meindl

Date: March 18, 1997

Greetings from Bellville (Houston), Texas;

Long time premie, Mahatma Rajaswar initiated me.. active in Buffalo and Houston, established Rainbow foods in houston, later became the Houston Food Coop. Now a licensed professional Inspector, Disaster Inspector for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), living in the country, helping people when the call arrives... last year went to disasters in Pennsylvaniaa, North Carolinba, Puerto Rico..Currently being interview for the position of Austin County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Overseas I have worked in Algeria, staffed and ran construction projects in inspector for a large school district... was project manager for an Iraqui (Barbouti Family) during the Iraq war... now that was interesting... been pretty busy... still not rich... or even close....

I do find myself practicing the techniques. Am seeking old roomies and pals...

  • Steve Young (Houston/San Antonio)
  • Roger Beebe (Houston/Miami)
  • Roxanne Ackerman? (Portland/Houston/San Antonio/Dallas)
  • Peter Chadwick (Boston/Houston)
  • Greg Vizzonne (Chicago/Buffalo)
  • Robin McCann (Houston/Malibu)
  • Andy & Bill from England (Buffalo)
  • Dwight & David Sellers (Houston/Miami)
  • Dennis Grevsky (Houston)
  • Scott & Chloe Goldstein (Buffalo)
  • Charles Michael Turner (US Navy/San Diego/Oakland/LA/OB/MB/LaJolla etc)

..if you have any idea about some of my old best friends... sent a word... good times bad times... gimme some of that...

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