Journeys: Hughie Davies

Date: June 15, 2003

I became interested in Maharaji in 83/84. I moved in with some lovely people who had his picture all around the house. I started going to meetings, pretty soon I wanted "Knowledge". Someone said to me "this is better than Acid Man!". So I tried my best to get it a.s.a.p. Receiving Knowledge was a big disappointment and I felt peer pressure from all the smiling happy premies, when I got home, to pretend something amazing had happened (they threw a party for two of us). I felt bitterly disappointed, but felt like it might grow on me, it didn't. I spent the next 15 or more years thinking it must be something wrong with me! Trying out another so called Guru made me realise all the Premies I knew were insane, it never was better than Acid, in fact I took Acid the morning after I recieved "Knowledge", it was infinitely better than hiding under a blanket with a piece of wood and my thumbs in my ears. I went to see Whatsisname [Prem Rawat] in Bristol this Weekend June 2003, I blagged my way in, I couldn't wait for the hour - most people paid 16 - to end. I was the one sat outside with a can of Stella in my hand, and a fag in my mouth. Truthseekers try everything before you decide, I recommend Krishnamurti, Ram Dass, Anyone except whatshisname!

Love Hughie, (artist, truthseeker)

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