Journeys: Mitch Greenberg

Date: April 6, 2002

I thank you for this site. I was actively involved with Maharaj Ji from 1977 until 1984. After that, I would attend local programs, and still meditate.

The main issue that turned me off to Maharaj Ji was how he closed the Ashrams. I used to spend a lot of time at the men's and women's ashram in Montreal and got quite close to a lot of premies there. I could not understand where they would go after losing the best years of their lives.

I have since married a woman who has always been very devoted to Christ and never believed in Maharaj Ji. Recently I have been wanting to open my heart to God thru Jesus, but keep thinking "what if Maharaji is the living master ....?", "what if I missed my chance ...?"

These postings have made it clear that he really misled all of us. The God that I love would not take a body, tell his devotees to do one thing and do another himself. God cant control his sexual desires??????

I always thought "Either he is God or he is the most full of sh.. being I have met".

I too lost the best years of my life. I was at the peak of my drumming career and had to choose between joining a band that had just been signed by a recording label, or receiving knowledge. I chose knowledge and not only lost the thing that I had worked for for 12 years but alieniated all that were close to me.

Think of the tens of thousands of people , whose life took a totally different and maybe wrong direction by meeting up with him.

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