Journeys: David M

Date: 2 January, 2002
Email: None

In 1971 I first heard of the boy Guru from India. A program was being held in Ann Arbor, Mi, there were about 20 people there, a Mahatma Krishnasukanand I think. That was all the contact I had with DLM until the summer of 72. Some friends went to Colorado for Guru Puja in Montrose Co. I was totally blown away. This was the thing I was searching for. It wasn't Maharaj Ji at first, it was the people living as one common group enjoying the same Peace and Harmony. I went back to Detroit and recieved K with many friends from Bloomfield Hills Mi. We were a strong premie group very dedicated to GM and propagated Knowledge very strong. We went from a group of 10 to over 200 im a very short time.

In Oct we went to India for the 72 trip, 8 jumbo jets. This, I thought, was the thing that was going to save the earth. Well, needless to say I enjoyed the trip but was begining to question a little of it. I became very ill. At one point Maharaj ji came out of his room and actually spent time talking to me telling me to eat yogurt and meditate and I would become well again. I thought he really loved me and this brought me back into the fold.

Skipping ahead a little. I was married and moved to Atlanta working in WPC and starting the first married couple house. We were propagating again and doing quite well. I was traveling a bit with Mahatma Parlokanand doing a few K sessions and life was great again. We attended Millennium in Houston. Things did not seem to work out there. Wpc stuff became a total turn off, and the dissapointment at the turnout.

So back to Atlanta to try again. My wife at the time had a baby, one of the first born to premies. We moved back to Detroit to see family and things never were quite the same. I attended festivals and gatherings but did not have the same feelings as before. Everything was turning into money - give this, raise this, and less and less was being spent on spreading the K. So needless to say I drifted away in the 80s.

I have left quite a bit out living at a time in Miami, and knowing quite a few of the Higher ups in the org, but the result was leaving M in the 80s. I really did enjoy quite a bit of the trip but the negative was overwhelming. Needless to say the tens of thousands of dollars given to DLM actually set me back years. As I started out to say I first became involved with DLM because of Peace and Love and trying to bring peace to this earth. Wow if I had begun my search today instead of 1971 I would not even consider this cult relevant. It really has come full circle from exciting and what a new beginning, to downright silly. I have left so much out but this is where I stand.

David M

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