Journeys: Darleen Levin

Date: November 16, 2000

I met my husband in 1981 in Florida after I returned home from a year in Denver, Colorado. I was working for a company in downtown Miami and he was working for a consturction company. The company was CRA Construction and it was owned and operated by Maharaji's organization. CRA was constructing the offices I was working in and my husband was a project manager. He and many other people landed in Miami Beach from Texas. They were setting up a home base for Maharaji.

I noticed that he and alot of the people working with him seemed very subdued. I introduced myself and we started dating. I didn't know he was living in an ashram and I didn't know all of the people he worked with were premies also.

I began to feel as if they had some secret and I wanted in on it. It wasn't easy. I finally was allowed to receive knowledge. Afterwards, we attended events on Miami Beach with thousands of other premies. My husband built stages and moved out of the ashram to a house on Miami Beach with several other premies. We hung out with only premies. Meditated... the whole nine yards.

I was pregnant. My husband realized that working for CRA for next to nothing was not going to help him raise a family. He received more money. I began to question Maharaji almost after the moment I received knowledge and my husband had been involved for over a decade already so he was losing faith.

Our premie friends constantly tried to keep us involved with them. Tell us about video feeds, programs, etc. Eventually, we just quit going. This was probably around the early 80's. I can't believe it is the new millenium and people are still being suckered.



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