Journeys: Jose Luis Caballero

Date: July 30, 1999

I received knowledge in Barcelona Spain in the year 1975 from Mahatma Yogananda, who I still have feelings for. I heard from a close Maharaji mahatma at an Orlando Florida festival that he was a deserter when the family left. Even I don't quite follow Maharaji. I still meditate from time to time, and I remember the time I was invited by Bal Bhagwan Ji to his house in Pacific Palasades in LA the first year I came to this country. I am an anarchist and at one time I thought that Maharaji, like Jesus, was the answer.

I still know that service, satsang, and meditation to be a valuable gift from the life I have been given, so I am not following Maharaji because money and private property is the gift of misery in this world that we live. So I learn may things through meditation and I would like to be in contact with the mahatma that showed me where to concentrate to feel life within me. I would like to know the whereabouts of Bal Bhagwan Ji.

I am a anarchist - not like the ones who belive in chaos, but like myself that I know that any form of goverment, philosophy, and religion is a lie. I still share satsang, service, and meditation to my maharaji - who is your real being and all of you - so I spread the knowledge that has been given to me by life itself. I know that I don't know anything and this knowledge is enough to keep practicing knowledge. My moto is "if every body gives, every body has plenty". We live in a society based on what we want. This has to end to be in a society where the aim is to give. Please contact me if you are interested in what I said because I feel its very important.

Yours truly, Jose Luis

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