Journeys: Seth Albion

Date: July 24, 2002
Email: None

I'm not an ex-premie but I am a child of one ex-premie and a currently brainwashed mother. My parents met while going to see Maharaji in 1972. I spent almost my entire childhood following the chubby man around; waiting in line to watch my parents kiss his feet; being sprayed by HOLI water in Miami, getting sunburned almost to death at a festival at the childcare area while my parents got hypnotized in 20 languages, and wondering why my mother loved a him more than she loved us - by far. I'd like to know how other kids feel.

I'm 29 now and I have dealt with a lot of anger; at my mom, at the guru. I've wanted to talk to him since I was in high school about the negative affect he's had on my family. My mom has been poor ever since I can remember and I always wonder how she can afford all those videos, music tapes, trips to Australia and all over the world (once, she left me and my younger brother with 10 dollars in food stamps for 3 weeks). I don't hate my mom - I see! a brainwashed woman who wants so badly to be happy, and no matter how many tapes she buys, he still sounds like a comedian to me, laughing all the way to the bank.

He's a comedian, you know. Telling people what they want to hear; most of it common sense, but with a foreign Indian accent and some humour thrown in, it's just a big game for Maharaji. My parents helped build his first house. My mom helped build the second and when she hurt herself at the residence and had to have surgery, she refused to ask for help for medical bills, saying that "YOU CANNOT SUE THE LORD OF THE UNIVERSE". He's not the lord of the universe. That I know. Because he lives in decadence while many of his devoted followers neglect their lives and their own personal growth and happiness, he just sucks.

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