The Jagdeo Issue
The Cult Protects a Paedophile

This a picture of Mahatma Jagdeo, who sexually abused and raped children while working for Maharaji.

The webmaster of this site believes that Maharaji has known about this for many years and yet did nothing to bring him to justice, or to keep him away from children, or to warn parents. Read the webmaster's personal view
here. Even after victims recounted their ordeals publicly, Maharaji's and Elan Vital's actions and inaction have been inadequate and shameful.

Although no one has explicitly said so, the webmaster of this site believes that Maharaji's representatives have reached a settlement with one of Jagdeo's victims. Hidden on their website, Elan Vital are finally, but clearly reluctantly, inviting other victims to come forward. To further publicise Elan Vital's invitation, it is repeated here.

POLICY AGAINST HARASSMENT Elan Vital has a strict policy against sexual harassment or other forms of sexual misconduct. If you have been subjected to any form of sexual harassment or abuse by anyone associated or formerly associated with Elan Vital or other similar organizations, please contact Elan Vitalís General Manager at P.O. Box 6130, Malibu, California, 90264-6130 or at Complaints will be responded to promptly and treated seriously.

Anyone who is considering writing to Elan Vital and needs further advice is welcome to write in the first instance to the webmaster of this site at

Mahatma Jagdeo was a full-time official in Divine Light Mission for many years. He has known the cult leader, Maharaji since he was a small boy.

Reports of Jagdeo sexually abusing children first appeared on the Internet in 1998. Two of his victims, 'A' (who now wishes to be anonymous) and Susan, have since given harrowing accounts of his crimes. Although there are several accounts of his offences being reported to senior people in Maharaji's organisation, he was allowed to continue in his full-time role for years.

Since the story became public, Elan Vital first tried to disassociate themselves from Jagdeo by saying they had nothing to do with the old 'Divine Light Mission'; who employed Jagdeo. When this was shown to be untrue they changed tactics and tried to play the matter down, while attempting to appear sympathetic to the victims. Elan Vital (USA) then issued a press release saying that DUO, Maharaji's organisation in India, had issued a civil writ against Jagdeo. At the same time, however, they issued a background statement attacking the victims!

Maharaji has been publicly silent on the issue throughout.

According to recently disenchanted followers, Jagdeo continued as an official and representative up until the mid 1990s. Jagdeo has been reported to the police in the UK, and the British Sunday Express almost ran a story on him. It was dropped at the last minute, around the time Britains best paid journalist, and Maharaji devotee,
Jonathan Cainer dumped his old paper, the Daily Mail, and offered to work for them.


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Jagdeo still a mahatma?
Webmaster's Personal View

Jagdeo now lives a life of ease

Posted on forum V, on November 26, 2000

From Kelly

I have spent some time in the Delhi ashram in the past few years. Jagdeo (aka Mahatma ji) lives a quiet privileged life, waited on hand and foot by sweet humble young Indian premies, who put up with his incessant demands for attention and pander to his every whim. He is obsessed wih keeping a good supply of bottled water in his room, he has boxes and boxes. Not for him the regular ashram tap water. He must be too pure!

On several occasions I have seen ordinary premies touch his feet.

Personally the only thing I have against him is the very loud and intrusive way he has of clearing his throat and sinus passages.

He is also very fond of his food and usually the first to every meal.

Sure, he always sits with the other Mahatmas at events, or did when there were Mahatmas. I don't know what they are called now I have not been there in the last year.


From Susan

That is really disgusting that he is still living a life in which he is revered.

Do you recall if there were ever any kids at this ashram? I really hope that at the very least they are at least keeping children away from him.

The way you describe it, if premies are touching his feet and waiting on him hand and foot, they probably would be just as honored now in India if he wanted to spend time with their children as the premie parents were in US and England when he wanted to spend time with theirs.

This is truly appalling.


The women who were once the children of Divine Light Mission wish to thank everyone who has been so supportive of their telling the difficult truth about Mahatma Jagdeo. All these years later, to have the truth acknowledged, and to have people care, it is still very healing for those who were victimized both by this predator and by those who seek to cover up the fact that Jagdeo was reported, on at least two continents, in the 1970's and early eighties.

Susan and 'A' especially wish to ask the help of anyone who may know more facts about this situation. They both know other victims of Jagdeo who do not wish to speak out and these wishes are respected. But anyone who knows anything about other incidents of abuse by Jagdeo or is aware of evidence to corroborate the fact that they reported this man in the 70's and 80's is encouraged to come forward. Of course, being ex premies, we know that the prospect of telling the truth about this is frightening. But as the years pass, if no one tells it, Jagdeo, and those that are willing to protect him in order to protect their "Master" stand a greater chance of never being held accountable for what happened to the children who were unfortunate enough to cross paths with Jagdeo.

Please write

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