DLM/EV History: Index
The Indian Heritage

From the time he was born into a family cult until today, Maharaji's life has been that of a sheltered and spoiled child - sheltered and spoiled first by his family, and since then by his devotees. Those of us who supported him for many years did so out of the mistaken belief that ultimately his and our efforts would contribute to the establishing of Peace on Earth.

This 'history' is patched together both from our recollections and from what very little information is forthcoming from those who continue to support his lifestyle.

Early Years - Divine Light Mission founded, Maharaji becomes "Satguru"
1971 - Maharaji's first western tour
1972 - The dawning of the Millennium
1973 - The Millennium festival
1974 - Maharaji is married, the "Holy Family" breaks up
1975 - 1976 - Maharaji plays Krishna, then "Humanitarian Leader"
1977 - Rededication: The Devotional Period
1977 - 1978 - The demand for devotion continues
1979 - 1980 - The Plane Project and the move to Florida
1980 - 1983 - The closing of the Ashrams
After 1983 - Disbanding DLM, and the emergence of Elan Vital
Today - Maharaji's organization today

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