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Date: Tues, Nov 17, 1998 at 20:38:04 (EST)
From: Evidence (6),(7),(8)
Email: None
To: Nigel, Jim, JW, TD
Subject: Gordon, Danny & Amanda
The following three contributors Gordon Byrne, Amanda Puri and Danny Paul (all aka. Nigel) said very little that was controversial about Maharaji, but each made a point of including something the revisionists would find too embarrasing to publish. For each, the scalpel was applied pretty much as predicted. If you want to read the originals in full, you had better hop over to the Elk site quickly, for by this time tomorrow they will have vanished like the melting snow.

First we have phantom philosopher Gordon Byrne - a ghastly pseudo-intellectual prat who regards Maharaji as 'the ultimate philosopher'

(PS to Jethro: sorry you had to waste your anger on this non-existent idiot!)

Gordon, in the midst of much unstinting praise for his master, allows just the teensy-weensiest hint of a criticism to slip from his pen. Fortunately the sharp-eyed Elk editorial team were on-hand to correct his error.


However, I remember those early days being considerably different from today. I would even suggest that all of us [, MAHARAJ JI INCLUDED,] were perhaps going a little 'over the top' in our enthusiastic proselytising. I quickly realised my academic reputation might suffer unless I reverted to something resembling my studious former self. For most philosophers the mind is the irreplaceable tool of the trade, yet here was I describing the mind as the enemy, the very thing which denied us the understanding of truth that we sought. Indeed I was 'shouting it from the rooftops', an expression I can remember Maharaji having used, but the negative reactions elicited among fellow academics from all my most valiant efforts were to prove something of a steep personal learning curve. Things are simpler nowadays. When the subject arises, my answers are straightforward; Maharaji is the giver, Knowledge is the gift, and it's all yours if you'd like to try it.

Amanda Puri's late Mother was unordinately fond of that canvas tunnel toe-slobbering ritual known as 'darshan'. But her being dead and unable to complain, presumably made it OK for the Elks to posthumously correct her personal expression thus:

I was too pig-headed to listen. Mother went with her new friends to festivals all over the UK and Europe. [DARSHAN] [Time with a master] she said, 'is the ultimate, most wonderful experience that anybody can ever hope for in their time on this planet'. But would I listen? I was just out of university and into my first proper job, so the idea of finding myself a spiritual path was the last thing on my mind.

And spare a thought for poor homeless junkie Danny Paul. He spends his hard-earned pennies submitting his testimony from an internet cafe, only to see his precious master mercilessly robbed of his former divinity:

I see red buses and puddles and people passing and doing their shopping and it feels good still. Sometimes people give their kiddies the cash and the kiddies come and buy the magazine. I love their faces and their smiles, and I feel the laughter inside again. My life feels great, in fact.

I have a quite time at the shelter when Marion the warden lets me stay around in the morning after the others have gone and I do some meditation before I start the day.

[THE LORD IS IN MY HEART AND THE LORD IS MY ALL TO ME AGAIN.] [I still have Knowledge in my heart and Knowledge is my all to me again.]

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