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Date: Tues, Nov 17, 1998 at 20:52:52 (EST)
From: Evidence (10)...
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To: Nigel, Jim, JW, TD
Subject: Farus Dampier
Farus Dampier (which crossword enthusiasts will instantly recognise as an anagram of 'Prem is a fraud') is better-known to forum-dwellers as 'TD'. Her account of serial gurunoid Farus's journey reveals that the El-org editors are nothing if not inconsistent.

Whether or not it is because three of the the four site editors are currently in India, there are all sorts of words and phrases slipping through the net that weren't allowed one month ago. For instance, Andy O'Dwyer was not allowed to mention 'surrendering the reins of his life', yet Farus does so with impunity.

True to form, however, as soon as there is the slightest hint of implied criticism of Maharaji - however oblique, out comes the correcting fluid, and in come the added clarifying phrases.

And remember premies, you must never give thanks for hallucinogens even if they ultimately do lead you to the lotus feet. I suspect this particular omission had less to do with any 'Just Say No' to drugs campaign than a concern that people might come to associate the master's precious gift with mundane brain chemistry phenomena.


'Third time lucky' by Farus Dampier

(Firstly this is a great site and a great find. It's nice to actually plug in Maharaji to a search engine and get to this little 'oasis').

I am 48 years old, have known about Maharaji for 24 years, but have only had Knowledge for about 12 of those years. I guess you could say that I was one of those long-term aspirants, one of those people who would drift in and out of the premie world, battling with my life, my mind and my ego until, after a long and colourful journey, I finally received Knowledge in 1986.

I first heard about Maharaji when I was studying Arts at Sydney University in the early 70s. I was living in a communal house with about 10 others, and spent an awful lot of time taking LSD, talking politics, listening to trippy music, taking LSD, eating macrobiotic food, sleeping with as many women I could, and reading every spiritual or beatnik book that was circulating in the household at the time. [TO THIS DAY, I’M REALLY GRATEFUL FOR ACID FOR SHOWING ME THAT THERE WAS A WORLD BEYOND WHAT WAS IN FRONT OF MY EYES, AND FOR A LOT OF US, IT REALLY DID START OFF THAT SEARCH FOR SOME SORT OF DIVINE EXPERIENCE THAT WE COULD HAVE WITHOUT THE NEED TO TAKE HALLUCINOGENIC DRUGS.]

A couple of us, including me, had been into TM and were followers of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi but a close friend and my girlfriend at the time, had become enamoured of the then boy guru [, GURU MAHARAJ JI AND THE DIVINE LIGHT MISSION]. I was pretty perturbed that she had chosen [GMJ] [Maharaji] over the Maharishi, and her sudden obsession with him and practicing 'Knowledge' eventually led us to breaking up, as she decided to leave our household and move into one of the ashrams. I realise now that that was pretty selfish of me as I had long tried to convert her to the benefits of TM, but partly I was jealous because she seemed to be having such a better experience than I was meditating. I had been to a number of satsangs and found them quite inspiring, but I wasn’t really ready to surrender and ‘hand over the reins of my life’ to Maharaji, as I couldn't see myself giving up sex and living the monastic kind of life that the premies were. I obviously had no problem with communal living, but I just wasn't ready to make the commitment that premies had to [GURU MAHARAJI JI] [Maharaji]. I also think I was still internally messed up and didn’t really know what I wanted from life.

After another couple of years studying and after abandoning any practice of TM, I then did what a lot of Australians did, and headed for London where I hung out in Earls Court for a number of years, working in all sorts of jobs and travelling around Europe in a kombi van. I was amazed at how many premies I would come across on my travels who was still so rapturous in their devotion and experience of Knowledge and Maharaji, but by that stage, I was more preoccupied with the ‘world outside’ then the ‘world inside’.

When I headed back off to Australia, I went back home via the overland route, through the Middle East and then Pakistan and then to a place any self-respecting hippy should go to - India! It was there I experienced the next chapter in my spiritual odyssey. While in Goa and after an extremely wasted couple of months where I smoked more dope than I had while in university, I met a guy who told me about the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He said he had been to his ashram in Poona and was going back there as this guy had ‘samadhi’ and was going to do amazing things for the world. I ended up going there for a spell, changing my name and even ended up eventually following him to America where he set up an Ashram in Antelope Oregon called Rajnesshpuram. I stayed for quite some time, but fortunately after my sister came and found me, I ended leaving Oregon and came back to Australia. It was a pretty strange period of my life.

When I arrived back, I was feeling pretty desperate and lonely, and disorientated after the last ten or so years. I hadn't even thought much about what had happened to [GURU MAHARAJ JI] [Maharaji], until I caught up with my friend who had become a premie in 1974. I told him about my experience, and he told me that the ashrams were no longer, and that Maharaji had finally rid himself of a lot of the Indian baggage that had originally been attached to the Divine Light Mission [AND THAT THE MISSION TOO WAS GONE]. He said that Maharaji [FINALLY] [HAD CHANGED EVERYTHING AND] made Knowledge what it should have been in the first place, just a simple process, and that it should just be about Knowledge and the Master, and that you could live your life however you liked, only the bonus was, you had this beautiful experience inside. This sounded so refreshing, as naturally I was still pretty wary as I’d had my fair share of gurus, but at the same time, I was impressed that the premies I knew, had been premies for so long, and that despite the ups and downs in their life, they had remained steadfast in their devotion to Maharaji and committed to their practice of Knowledge.

I ended up sharing a house with this friend, and slowly, over time, I became an aspirant. It took me another two years, but in 1986, I received Knowledge. Receiving Knowledge was like 'cleaning my slate', being reborn after many years of aimless searching for what I really had inside of me all that time. Maharaji really did give me the key and I'm really grateful to have him as my Master. My premie friend and I joke how it took me two tries until I found my true Master, that it was a case of third time lucky for me, but thanks to Maharaji I don't have to keep on looking. My thirst is finally quenched!

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