DLM/EV History: 1974

Maharaji marries, the "Holy Family" breaks up

In May of 1974, at age 16, Maharaji alienated his family members by marrying Marolyn Johnson, a California airline stewardess nine years his senior. The marriage plans had been kept secret from most of the premies, and the wedding was only announced after it occurred. Wedding presents included a 25 ft. cabin cruiser and a Maserati.

Marolyn was given the title "Durga Ji" (the name of an Indian goddess) by her new husband. She and Maharaji appeared in side-by-side thrones in a program in July in Amherst, Massachusetts. This proved to be too much for Maharaji's mother, Mata Ji, who subsequently disowned her own son and declared her oldest son, Bal Bhagwan Ji, to be the true perfect master.

Maharaji and his new bride.

Many believe Maharaji married at such a young age primarily for immigration purposes. Because of his marriage, he was able to stay in the U.S. and become a U.S. citizen. This further weakened the influence his mother and older brother had on him.
After Maharaji's marriage, mother Mata Ji returned to India with his brothers Bal Bhagwan Ji and Bhole Ji, and set about having her eldest son, Bal Bhagwan Ji, legally crowned as head of DLM in India.

While they eventually won their court battle, Bal Bhagwan Ji put aside the guru business temporarily and entered Indian politics. He has recently reappeared as Satpal Maharaj - a guru who also reveals Knowledge. Satpal has given programs in the UK and US, as well as other countries. Brother Raja Ji, remains loyal to Maharaji, but brother Bhole Ji is a follower of Satpal.

Bal Bhagwan Ji seated at left, below little brother Maharaji in the early 1970's

Most of Maharaji's Indian mahatmas were fired or went back to India with Maharaji's mother because they did not understand the changes. At this time, there was little left of Maharaji's following in India other than a few fanatic premies and mahatmas.

During this same period, funds were raised to buy Maharaji a palatial home overlooking the ocean in Malibu, California. The Active Membership Program (AMP) was set up to provide more donations. Premies who did not live in the ashram were encouraged to participate in AMP by donating 10% of their income to DLM, and many premies did so.

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