DLM/EV History: 1973

The Millennium Festival

After Maharaji and his western devotees returned from India in late 1972, plans began for an all-out propagation effort in the USA. The Houston Astrodome was selected as the venue for a large program to which the public was invited to hear him announce his plans to bring peace to the world.

Modestly called "the most significant event in human history", Millennium '73 (as the 3-day program came to be called), was preceded by "Soul Rush" - a cross-country bus tour of premies, mahatmas, and a band called "Blue Aquarius", which was conducted by Maharaji's brother, Bhole Ji. Heavily promoted public programs were held in various large cities.

During Soul Rush, there was an widely publicized incident in Detroit in which Maharaji was hit in the face with a shaving cream pie. One of his mahatmas, Fakiranand, and (possibly) two other followers attacked the individual who threw the pie with a hammer, seriously injuring him. DLM was accused of failing to turn the guilty parties over to authorities, and of aiding the culprits in evading prosecution by helping them leave the country.

Brother Bhole Ji performing with his band, Blue Aquarius.

Although admission to the program was free to the general public, costs of the preparations for November 1973 Millennium festival required that premies go to extreme lengths in raising funds to pay for the event. Premies were encouraged to sell all their possessions, turn the proceeds over to DLM, and to ask relatives and friends for money.

The results of the program were very disappointing. Although DLM claimed 40,000 members at the time of the Millennium program, fewer than 20,000 people attended - this including both premies and non-premies. The program also resulted in a debt of over $200,000 for DLM. After Millennium, many premies were quite disappointed, since no significant changes resulted as predicted.

Maharaji proclaimed himself quite satisfied with the event, but for most premies the reality of the actual effort that would be required to succeed in his stated purpose of bringing peace to the entire world became apparent.

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