DLM/EV History: 1971

Maharaji's first western tour

Arrival in London.

Maharaji left India for the first time in 1971. He arrived in the UK in June, and then traveled on to the US and Canada. He gave many lectures on "Knowledge" - four meditation techniques which were revealed to sincere seekers in "Knowledge sessions". Guru Maharaj Ji (as he was then referred to) did not personally reveal the meditation techniques. The Knowledge sessions were conducted by East Indian "mahatmas" (loosely translated as "great souls"), many of whom had previously been followers of his deceased father and DLM founder, Hans Ji Maharaj. Thousands of people received Knowledge in the early seventies. Most of those initiated were young people in their teens and early twenties.

Although Maharaji had stated repeatedly that all that was required to receive Knowledge was sincerity, a "guileless heart", and a desire to know the truth, many of those who were selected by the Mahatmas to receive Knowledge were surprised to find that they were required to promise that they would dedicate their lives to him before they were allowed to be initiated. Almost all of those to be initiated accepted this, however, and most of Maharaji's followers at the time believed that he was an incarnation of god.

Later, Maharaji told his followers (or "premies") that if they stopped practicing the meditation techniques they could go crazy, or that they would go to hell. In one of his most quoted statements, he said the following:

"But I think the premies who are not meditating, you know what they are doing? It is, getting three tons of vegetables in their house and not eating it. You know what that means? When it'll start rotting, phew, it's gotta rot like hell! And that's the way this Knowledge is. If it was a 'mantra' or something, and you forget it, doesn't matter. But this Knowledge, it's like, you got the vegetables of the whole universe with you. And if you don't meditate, can you imagine how it's going to rot?... If you don't practice this Knowledge, you will get rotten inside. There is so much energy contained in this Knowledge, just imagine how much harm it will be able to do you if you know it, but do not use it properly". (from "The Sayings of Guru Maharaj Ji" Vol. 3, Published by Divine United Organization, Shri Sant Yogashram, Hans Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi-110030)

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